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  • The Cuban Sandwich: A History in Layers by Huse, Andrew T.

    Marketplace Books The Cuban Sandwich: A History in Layers

    Author: Andrew T. Huse, Bárbara C. Cruz, Jeff HouckA delicious, multilayered tale of a legendary sandwich Creative Loafing Tampa Bay Best of the Bay Awards, "Best Approach to Pressing Matters" How did the Cuban sandwich become a symbol for a displaced people, win the hearts and bellies of America, and claim a spot on menus around the world? The odyssey of the Cubano begins with its hazy origins in the midnight cafés of Havana, from where it evolved into a dainty high-class hors d'oeuvre and eventually became a hearty street snack devoured by cigar factory workers. In The Cuban Sandwich, three devoted fans--Andrew Huse, Bárbara Cruz, and Jeff Houck--sort through improbable vintage recipes, sift gossip from Florida old-timers, and wade into the fearsome Tampa vs. Miami sandwich debate (is adding salami necessary or heresy?) to reveal the social history behind how this delicacy became a lunch-counter staple in the US and beyond.The authors also interview artisans who've perfected the high arts of creating and combining expertly baked Cuban bread, sweet ham, savory roast pork, perfectly melted Swiss cheese, and tangy, crunchy pickles. Tips and expert insight for making Cuban sandwiches at home will have readers savoring the history behind each perfect bite. Publication of this work is made possible by a Sustaining the Humanities through the American Rescue Plan grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities.

  • Florida Bounty: A Celebration of Florida Cuisine and Culture by Jacobs, Sandra M.

    Marketplace Books Florida Bounty: A Celebration of Florida Cuisine and Culture

    Author: Sandra M. JacobsDelicious recipes filled with the tastes of Florida. Native fruits and vegetables, succulent seafood, and tropical drinks are among the many delights in this cookbook.

  • Famous Florida Recipes: 300 Years of Good Eating by Carlton, Lowis

    Marketplace Books Famous Florida Recipes: 300 Years of Good Eating

    Author: Lowis CarltonThis little cookbook is a favorite of many Floridians. For more than ten years the author traveled Florida, collecting and testing recipes found to be popular with 'the natives': Greek Lamb Kebobs from Tarpon Springs, Fried Catfish from Clewiston, Beef Barbecue from Florida cow country, Key West Paella, Yam Praline Pie from the Panhandle. Recipes are grouped by region and each section is preceded by a mini-history. Index. Line illustrations.

  • Southern Cooking, Global Flavors

    Marketplace Books Southern Cooking, Global Flavors

    Author: Chef Kenny Gilbert, Nan KavanaughDrawing on his experiences cooking around the world, a celebrated chef revisits his Southern cooking roots by reimagining iconic dishes of the American South with bold international flavors. Learn to cook favorite traditional Southern dishes, adding variety and spice through the use of different techniques and ingredients. Each of ten chapters offers an iconic Southern dish and then international variations, with, for example, Korean or Chinese or Indian ingredients and flavors. Showing his full range, chef Kenny Gilbert shares other dishes: the \"Ribs and Slaw\" chapter includes jerk-spiced spareribs with habanero-mango BBQ sauce and coconut-guava slaw; the \"Fish and Grits\" chapter features grouper Francese with truffle-gouda grits; and the \"Meatloaf and Mashed Potatoes\" chapter includes shawarma-spiced lamb meatloaf with feta and kalamata-olive mashed potatoes. Through more than 100 recipes, as well as tips and techniques in Gilbert's own words, this book connects people to the great potential of Southern cuisine in today's global culture.About the AuthorAward-winning chef Kenny Gilbert has had a career spanning over three decades. He is best known for his flavorful Southern cuisine and has trained in premier fine dining restaurants worldwide as well as worked as Oprah Winfrey's personal chef. Since making his national debut on Top Chef in 2010, Gilbert and his recipes have been featured in a multitude of cookbooks, national magazines, and blogs. He is based in Jacksonville, Florida, where he captains his award-winning restaurant Silkie's Chicken and Champagne Bar. Alexander Smalls is a James Beard Award-winning chef, author, and raconteur, and was the visionary co-owner of renowned restaurants The Cecil and Minton's.

  • 30-A Supper Club by Elliott, Liza

    Marketplace Books 30-A Supper Club

    Author: Liza ElliottCounty Road 30-A, a coastline road in the Florida panhandle, meanders parallel to the most beautiful beach in the world. It is here, sociologist, Harley McBride, unexpectedly finds a gold coin washed up on the beach. Her quest to identify it leads her into a murky world where her longtime friends and members of the 30-A Supper Club protect deep family secrets dating back to the Civil War. Thus begins an intricate pursuit for the true meaning of the coin. Harley's friendships and sociological sleuthing skills are tested as each menu and location of the monthly Supper Club draws her incrementally closer to fraud, illicit affairs and murder within the ranks of the club. Ultimately the revelation of the coin's meaning and unholy source exposes the most astonishing Confederate family secret of them all.

  • Culinary Roots: Food from the Soul of a People by Jackson, Brenda L.

    Marketplace Books Culinary Roots: Food from the Soul of a People

    Author: Brenda L. JacksonSoul food dressed to the nines - that best describes the recipes in this collection. Flavored with stories that raised families from generation to another. The recipes are delightful twists to the favorite dishes of an Ohio born and Florida raised cook - Brenda L. Jackson. Down home meets elegant.

  • Cross Creek Cookery by Rawlings, Marjorie Kinnan

    Marketplace Books Cross Creek Cookery

    Author: Marjorie Kinnan RawlingsThe Classic Book on Southern Cooking First published in 1942, Cross Creek Cookery was compiled by Pulitzer Prize-winning author Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings at the request of readers who wanted to recreate the luscious meals described in Cross Creek -- her famous memoir of life in a Florida hamlet. Lovers of old-fashioned, down-home cooking will treasure the recipes for Grits, Hush-Puppies, Florida Fried Fish, Orange Fluff, and Utterly Deadly Southern Pecan Pie. For more adventuresome palates, there are such unusual dishes as Minorcan Gopher Stew, Coot Surprise, Alligator-Tail Steak, Mayhaw Jelly, and Chef Huston's Cream of Peanut Soup. Spiced with delightful anecdotes and lore, Cross Creek Cookery guides the reader through the rich culinary heritage of the deep tidal South with a loving regard for the rituals of cooking and eating. Anyone who longs for food -- and writing -- that warms the heart will find ample portions of both in this classic cookbook.About the AuthorRawlings, Marjorie Kinnan: - Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings (1896-1953) lived for twenty-five years in Cross Creek, Florida, the area that is the setting for The Yearling, which was awarded the Pulitzer Prize in 1939. She is the author of several earlier novels as well as a memoir, Cross Creek, which inspired the acclaimed motion picture of the same name.

  • Building a Better Tomato: The Quest to Perfect "the Scandalous Fruit" by Klinkenberg, Jeff

    Marketplace Books Building a Better Tomato: The Quest to Perfect "the Scandalous Fruit"

    Author: Jeff Klinkenberg, University Of FloridaTomatoes are a $2-billion industry in the United States. The commercially grown varieties are intended to ship well and have a long shelf life, but how do they actually taste? In the search for a superior alternative to bland and mealy grocery-store tomatoes, horticultural scientist Harry Klee and renowned taste researcher Linda Bartoshuk teamed up and embarked on a mission to find a specimen that will have you thinking you just picked it in your own back yard. Gatorbytes highlight for the intellectually-curious the world of innovative research happening at the University of Florida. Written by professional journalists, Gatorbytes feature the top research and preeminence work being conducted at the University of Florida, written in a way that's easy to understand. Find Gatorbytes ebooks using your favorite reading device.

  • Guide to Florida Pioneer Sites: Exploring the Cracker Heritage by Carlisle, Rodney

    Marketplace Books Guide to Florida Pioneer Sites: Exploring the Cracker Heritage

    Author: Rodney CarlisleThis unusual, richly illustrated guidebook details Florida's historic pioneer and cracker villages, describing the homes, work-ways and folk-ways of the states early settlers, through preserved and tangible objects and structures. Across the state, dedicated local historians and community groups have carefully preserved and moved 19th- and early 20th-century structures, including both homes and workplaces, to specially created villages in order to display the lives of Florida pioneers. The tools, houses, farms, gardens, barns, sugar and turpentine mills, churches and schools that are gathered into twenty separate sites are described here, for the first time in a single volume. Through the rich collections of household utensils, mills, and structures, the visitor can appreciate the details of the everyday life, work, hardships, and recreation of past generations of Floridians. The book is an indispensable handbook and guide for the casual or dedicated historic tourist as well as for parents and teachers seeking to expose young people to the vanishing lifestyles of Florida's pioneers. Contact information, hours, special events, and detailed descriptions of each structure at the sites provide the casual or dedicated visitor with both practical facts for arranging trips, and the specific family histories of the pioneers who built and lived in the homes.About the AuthorRodney Carlisle is professor emeritus of history from Rutgers University and the author of more than 40 books, including St. Augustine in History. Loretta Carlisle is a professional photographer who has published photography in a number of books.

  • Zesty Tastes from South Florida by Martin, Greg

    Marketplace Books Zesty Tastes from South Florida

    Author: Greg MartinZESTY TASTES FROM SOUTH FLORIDA The purpose of this book is to give you fresh ideas for great meals. The step by step cooking instructions are all tested and true. Of course any cook can deviate from the mentioned ingredients and methods. The real basis for any recipe is that one good ingredient or taste, mixed with any other will taste good together. This book features many tropical favorites with the freshest of ingredients. We always keep in mind that no one ever wants to burn Garlic because it develops a very bitter taste. A few of our recipes were sent to us by fire departments around the country and some by readers of our daily blog, Beach Zest.com In each case we copied them as submitted without any revisions. Should you have any questions or comments, please contact us at Beach Zest.com

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