Woodster Bitters
  • Woodster Smoked Orange Bitters

    Woodster Bitters Woodster Smoked Orange Bitters

    Enhance the flavor of any cocktail with Woodster's Smoked Orange Bitters! These bitters are crafted by smoking whole oranges over pecan wood, resulting in a perfect combination of smokiness, fruity essence, and spice. Whether you're savoring a warm Old Fashioned or a refreshing Manhattan, these bitters will be your ideal companion.

  • Woodster Jalapeno Lime Bitters

    Woodster Bitters Woodster Jalapeno Lime Bitters

    Experience the delightful heat and smoky finish of Woodster's Jalapeno Lime Bitters. Made from fresh limes, jalapeños, and spices, these bitters add a wonderful kick to cocktails, mocktails, and soda water flavoring. With the perfect balance of spiciness, they are an excellent choice for Margaritas, Gimlets, Moscow Mules, and more.

  • Woodster Hibiscus Apple Bitters

    Woodster Bitters Woodster Hibiscus Apple Bitters

    Indulge in the alluring essence of dried flowers with Woodster's Hibiscus Apple Cocktail Bitters. This tincture-like formula provides a concentrated burst of hibiscus, adding a brilliant magenta hue and delightful tartness to your cocktail creations. Try a few drops in a champagne cocktail, or get creative by adding a dash to your meals. These versatile bitters are perfect for Margaritas, Jack Rose, Brooklyn Cocktail, and Valencia.

  • Woodster Turmeric Ginger Bitters

    Woodster Bitters Woodster Turmeric Ginger Bitters

    Add a spicy kick with health benefits to your next cocktail or seltzer with Woodster's Turmeric Ginger Bitters. Featuring the power-packed duo of turmeric and ginger, these bitters offer natural antioxidants like Curcumin and other potent plant properties. Elevate your wellness and mixology simultaneously!

  • Woodster Tiki Bitters

    Woodster Bitters Woodster Tiki Bitters

    Transport yourself to the islands with Woodster's Tiki Bitters. Infused with primary flavors of cinnamon and allspice, accompanied by a supporting cast of enticing spices, these bitters are perfect for libations served in shrunken heads, volcanoes, and miniature ceramic Moai. Experience the true taste of the tropics!

  • Woodster Chocolate Mole Bitters

    Woodster Bitters Woodster Chocolate Mole Bitters

    Inspired by the rich Mole sauces of Mexico, Woodster's Chocolate Mole Bitters pairs beautifully with aged tequila, bourbon, and aged rum. Toasted cacao nibs infuse this blend with the essence of chocolate, complemented by hints of spice and oak. An essential addition to any well-stocked bar, these bitters elevate the flavor profile of your drinks, adding a touch of Mexican flair.

  • Woodster Chai Bitters

    Woodster Bitters Woodster Chai Bitters

    Embrace a symphony of spices with Woodster's Chai Bitters, infused with black tea, ginger, cardamom, cinnamon, clove, and black pepper. A few drops of these bitters elevate your cocktails or even a glass of milk and sugar. Unlock a world of delightful flavors with this exotic blend.

  • Woodster Cilantro Lime Bitters

    Woodster Bitters Woodster Cilantro Lime Bitters

    Celebrate the refreshing essence of summer with Woodster's Cilantro Lime Bitters. Crafted with a savory note of cilantro and the zesty freshness of lime, these versatile bitters are ideal for tall, cold drinks, and can turn simple seltzers or gin-based cocktails into all-day sipping pleasures.

  • Woodster Aromatic Bitters

    Woodster Bitters Woodster Aromatic Bitters

    Discover the magic of Woodster's Aromatic Bitters, a masterful blend that intensifies flavors, balances acidity, and enhances spirits. Not only do these bitters cleanse the palate, but they also aid in digestion. Elevate your cocktails and indulge in a unique sensory experience.

  • Woodster Orange Bitters

    Woodster Bitters Woodster Orange Bitters

    Unlock a world of complexity with Woodster's Orange Bitters, a fusion of tropical oranges and spices. Versatile and perfect for vodka, gin, whisky, and rum cocktails, these bitters also add depth of flavor to savory sauces, seafood, and chocolate. Elevate your mixology and culinary creations with this essential ingredient.

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