Who is the Local Palate?

The Local Palate is a Southern food culture magazine that tells the stories behind the people, places, and foodways that make up this diverse and dynamic culinary region. Here, food and drink are more than sustenance—they’re a way of life. We invite readers to join us and our team of experts as we explore Southern recipes, traditions, artisanal products, makers, chefs, getaways, and communities, and use food as a lens to better understand this rich, storied region. Through our events and our online shop, the Local Palate Marketplace, we connect our audience to the people and products we cover, giving them the opportunity to experience these stories first-hand.

What is the Local Palate Marketplace?

The Local Palate Marketplace is an extension of the Local Palate, whose magazines, online outlets, and events celebrate the diverse food culture of the South. Through the Local Palate Marketplace, you’ll find a thoughtfully curated selection of artisan goods for your table, bar, kitchen, and pantry. Showcasing the best Southern makers, we celebrate the stories behind the people, places, and communities that make the South distinct. From expertly crafted cookware and flatware to local snacks and spices, we bring the best of the South to you.

Why shop at the Local Palate Marketplace?

When you make a purchase from the Local Palate Marketplace, you are supporting local artisans throughout the South. In partnership with the Local Palate Marketplace, these Southern artisans make their products available to us, and we help market and promote them. Buying from the Local Palate Marketplace ensures that these Southern artisans can continue creating what they love.

Purchases & Payments:

How do I purchase products on the Marketplace?

To purchase a product on our site, go to its product listing page. Add the product to your shopping cart and check out when you’re ready.

How do I receive the products I have purchased?

When you have completed your order and checked out, your order will be confirmed and processed for shipping. You will be notified via email when your order will be shipped. You’ll also receive a tracking number to follow its path to you.

Our artisans are passionate about their products and care about how they will be shipped to you. Many of their products are handmade or small-batch items that require different shipping options. Therefore, the shipping options you see are specific to the artisan’s products to ensure your products arrive properly and in a reasonable time.

What should I do if I’m having trouble with payment?

Please contact customer care at marketplace@thelocalpalate.com.


Can I return or exchange my purchase or a gift I received?

All perishable items are sold non-returnable. To inquire about returning a non-perishable product because of damages caused by shipping, please reach out to us within seven days of the product(s) receipt at marketplace@thelocalpalate.com and we’ll do whatever we can to make things right. If you’re able to, we always appreciate receiving photographs so we can take it up with the carrier or our shipping team if necessary.

Occasionally, a product we carry might not be your cup of tea. Unfortunately, we cannot accept returns or offer refunds based on not liking the taste, texture, or flavor. You should never receive a product that is expired, but if something tastes off, please let us know.

All sale items, gift cards, memberships, and subscriptions are sold non-returnable. Shipping charges are non-refundable (unless we made a shipping error).

Do you offer gift wrapping?

 We do not offer gift wrapping at this time.


Will every item in my order ship in the same package?

 Not always. All of our products are shipped directly from the artisans.

 Do you ship outside of the U.S.?

 Not at this time.

 Can I ship one order to multiple addresses?

 Not at this time.

 Contact Us:

The best way to contact us is to email us at marketplace@thelocalpalate.com. We will do our best to get back to you as soon as possible. During the busy holiday season, sometimes this can take a little longer, but you will receive a timely response.

If you want to suggest a product for us to carry, please click here or send an email to marketplace@thelocalpalate.com

And, if you want to send us something the old-fashioned way, pop it in the mail to:

The Local Palate Marketplace

P.O. Box 639

Charleston, SC 29402