Olives and Pickles Collection
Whether it be for salads, sandwiches, toppings, or just straight out the jar the Local Palate Marketplace has great olives and pickles for you. Our top-notch Southern vendors like Pickled Pink Foods and Olinda Olives & Oil offer a great variety to choose from.

  • pickle pink

    Pickled Pink Foods Pickled Pink Variety 4-Pack

    Jarred by hand in Atlanta, Georgia, Pickled Pink Gourmet offers pickled jalapeños, pickled cucumbers, pickled watermelon, pickled okra, and more. Can't decide which one to try first? With this variety pack, you'll get their Garlic Dill Pickles, Sweet Heat Jalapeños, Perfectly Picked Peaches, and Honey Cinnamon Beets. These pickled treats will make your salads, sandwiches, and burgers taste even better.


  • Charleston Favorites Pickled Okra

    Food for the Southern Soul Charleston Favorites Pickled Okra

    Recipes, like gumbo and red rice, often incorporate okra for a snap of crunchy-goes-creamy texture. However, pickled okra is one of the easiest ways to keep it on hand. It’s a staple in pantries across the South. While you can make it from scratch, it takes weeks or even a month of waiting for it to settle into crisp, tangy perfection. A shortcut that’s just as delicious as the homemade version is a jar of Charleston Favorites Pickled Okra. Specialty foods creator and restaurateur Jimmy Hagood saw the principal role that pickled okra plays in the Southern household. He introduced it into his Food for the Southern Soul brand as part of the Charleston Favorites collection. Food for the Southern Soul celebrates the signature foods and flavors of the Gulf, Appalachia, Lowcountry, Piedmont, and beyond. Pickled Okra is just the start of it: The offerings include assorted condiments, ingredients, and snacks that range from pepper jelly to peach chutney and coarse-ground grits to artisanal gumbo. And the thing you don't wanna left is Mr. Jimmie’s Fire Roasted Tomato Bloody Mary, it brings Southern flavors to tables around the country with treats like fruit chutney, benne wafers, cheese straws, gumbo, and grits. You may also like the Pickled Pink Variety 4-Pack by Pickled Pink Gourmet. Pickled Okra: Think Outside of the Jar We love munching on Pickled Okra straight from the jar, but we’d be remiss to use it for that alone. Use it as cornichons on a pate plate or charcuterie spread. Or try garnishing a Bloody Mary or hot and dirty with a spear. Chop it up and add to salads for a zippy crunch, and Pickled Okra will even make an unexpected topping on a fried chicken sandwich. If you have guests over and need an appetizer—fast—a plate of okra stuffed with cream cheese is always a winner in our book.


  • Pickled Green Beans

    Food for the Southern Soul Pickled Green Beans

    Bright, tangy, and crispy enough to eat straight from the jar, pickled green beans are one of the pickling world’s more underrated products. A favorite among Southerners for more than 150 years, pickled green beans deserve to be a staple product in everyone’s pantry. Now, you could invest several days, a week, or longer making them yourself. Or you could twist open a jar of Charleston Favorites Pickled Green Beans for an instant snack, ingredient, cornichon, or however you choose to use it. Jimmy Hagood is the maker behind the Food for the Southern Soul brand, which celebrates (in addition to these Charleston Favorites Pickled Green Beans) the classic foods and flavors from the Lowcountry, Appalachia, Tidewater, and Gulf. Hagood, a former insurance advisor, changed his course to chase a love for sharing Southern food and culinary styles through cooking, the restaurant and catering businesses, and gourmet snack retail. The collection brings regional snacks, treats, and pantry ingredients, from cheese straws to chutneys and barbecue sauces to apple butter, also Cinnamon Apple Butter to tables around the country. Pickled Green Beans Beyond the Jar Your first intention for using Pickled Green Beans may be to incorporate them into salads. They add an excellent, refreshing bite to a dish of leafy vegetables, tomatoes, and olives, sure, but try them beyond the standard green salad. Their vinegar bite balances out a creamy pasta or potato salad, and they brighten a bowl of legumes in bean salads. They also make a wonderful addition as cornichons for a charcuterie or pate plate.


  • Olinda Olive Oil

    Olinda Olives and Olive Oil Charleston Blend Olive Oil (3-Pack)

    This Charleston Blend extra virgin olive oil is the freshest, unfiltered blend of arbequina and arbosano olive oils combined for a buttery and peppery profile. 


  • Taste of The South Bundle

    Pickled Pink Foods Taste of The South Bundle

    The Local Palate Marketplace teamed up with Pickled Pink out of Atlanta, GA for this Taste of the South bundle. You will receive one of each of the following:  Sweet Heat Jalapeños  Smokin' Okra Perfectly Pickled Peaches Honey Cinnamon Beets


  • Olinda Olive Medley (3-Pack)

    Olinda Olives and Olive Oil Olinda Olive Medley (3-Pack)

    Olinda uses a traditional method of natural brining with pure ingredients, including water, salt, and vinegar, along with then months in the California sunshine. With their Olive Medley, you'll receive three 16-ounce jars of olive heaven. Two jars will be their giant Sevillano pitted, firm, and crunchy olives, while the other will be a combo of Sicilian and Greek whole olives—perfect for any appetizer.


  • Olinda Olives Pantry Pack

    Olinda Olives and Olive Oil Olinda Olives Pantry Pack

    The Olinda Pantry Pack from Olinda Olives and Olive Oil includes:(1) 16-ounce bottle of Charleston Blend extra virgin olive oil(1) 16-ounce jar of pitted Sevillano olives(1) 16-ounce jar combination of Sevillano and whole Greek olives


  • Vermouth Brined Olives

    Jack Rudy Cocktail Co. Vermouth Brined Olives

    These olives are soaked in a brine of dry vermouth and have notes of juniper and coriander reminiscent of a dry gin martini. Switch it up and toss them in a bloody mary or a spritz.


  • Olive Brine (3-Pack)

    Olinda Olives and Olive Oil Olive Brine (3-Pack)

    Never run out of brine for your dirty martini or Bloody Mary. With this Olive brine from Olinda Olives and Olive Oil, you'll receive three 16-ounce jars of all-natural brine chock-full of pimento stuffed olives.


  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil

    Jack Rudy Cocktail Co. Extra Virgin Olive Oil

    The first product in Jack Rudy’s Perfect Pantry collection, this fruity and versatile olive oil can be used for grilling, sauteing, salad dressings, or as a finishing oil.



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