The Local Palate Marketplace: Southern Grains

The Local Palate Marketplace is your one-stop shop for specialty Southern ingredients, gourmet foods, and artisan-made snacks. Believe it or not, the shop’s assorted Southern Grains make up one of the most in-demand sections of the shop! From the aromatic Carolina Gold rice to stone-ground grits and even starter mixes for cornbread and other baked treats, these grains and starchy ingredients round out the Southern pantry’s starter kit.

The Local Palate Marketplace sources all products from small, independent businesses throughout the South, so you can shop for Southern grains sustainably produced right in South Carolina or Mississippi. Each product is a unique representative of the area it’s from. Expect grits ground from heirloom varieties of corn, long-grain rice grown in the silty soils of the Mississippi Delta, and the luscious, golden-hulled rice that prevails throughout Lowcountry restaurants and kitchens. The starter mixes for baking provide a head start on crafting hushpuppies, cornbread, pancakes, and more.

More than Southern Grains on the Local Palate Marketplace

You can’t live on grains alone, which is why the Local Palate Marketplace offers no shortage of Southern-made products to round out the other aspects of your kitchen life. Stock your pantry with Creole gumbo, Georgia peanuts, South Carolina pickled vegetables, or North Carolina peanut butter. Shake up drinks using Nashville-made mixers or get creative with the variety of smoked bitters. If you’re planning to take a road trip, fuel up with all the snack mixes, coffee, and cheese straws to keep you going to your next destination.