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30-A Supper Club

Author: Liza Elliott

County Road 30-A, a coastline road in the Florida panhandle, meanders parallel to the most beautiful beach in the world. It is here, sociologist, Harley McBride, unexpectedly finds a gold coin washed up on the beach. Her quest to identify it leads her into a murky world where her longtime friends and members of the 30-A Supper Club protect deep family secrets dating back to the Civil War. Thus begins an intricate pursuit for the true meaning of the coin. Harley's friendships and sociological sleuthing skills are tested as each menu and location of the monthly Supper Club draws her incrementally closer to fraud, illicit affairs and murder within the ranks of the club. Ultimately the revelation of the coin's meaning and unholy source exposes the most astonishing Confederate family secret of them all.

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