Flour, Batter, & Mixes

The Local Palate Marketplace supplies gourmet Southern ingredients and collections to bake all the classic, must-have desserts and pastries. Buy quality ingredients from small, regional businesses and artisan makers from Georgia to Kentucky. Behind every good baker, there’s a great baking pantry with exquisite ingredients. The Local Palate Marketplace has all the dry goods,  sweeteners, and flavors needed to kick off a new Southern baking project or revamp old recipes.

The Local Palate Marketplace can help satisfy your sweet tooth while taking Southern baked goods and desserts to the next level with exotic vanilla extracts from around the world that adds a rich, sweet, and aromatic vanilla flavor to pies and cakes. Not only can you use bourbon-flavored syrups as a topping for french toast bakes or pancakes, but you can also add them to cocktails for a pleasant sweet note. Go the savory route trying biscuit doughs with different options of cinnamon, cheddar, blueberry, and more! Our buttermilk mixes will make you see why Southern chefs rely on buttermilk as an essential ingredient.

Southern Baking and Beyond on Marketplace

Southern baking products aren’t the only sweet thing about the Local Palate Marketplace. There are plenty of Southern-made products to round out kitchen shelves. Choose from a variety of heirloom rices and grits. Freshen up the bar with Nashville-made mixers or Kentucky bitters. Have an upcoming road trip? Grab some crunchy snack mixes, kettle chips, and roasted coffees. Keep the Southern flare throughout the kitchen with our selection of handmade kitchenware and dishware. Use high-quality grilling accessories and bar cart tools for homecooks to up their cooking game.