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The Local Palate Marketplace - For Your Bar

The Local Palate Marketplace is your go-to source for Southern-made gourmet foods, specialty ingredients, and small-batch snacks from artisan makers and small business throughout the South. While our store holds a trove of cooking ingredients and snacking goodies, it also boasts a rotund assortment of items for your bar cart. The Local Palate Marketplace bar sections ranges from mixers, syrups, bitters, and garnishes—and it all has a decidedly Southern twist.

Because these products are made in a smaller scale, you can expect flavors that are fresh-fruit forward and in out-of-the-ordinary flavors, such as blood orange, caramelized fig, hibiscus-honeycomb, and more.

Use Virginia-made syrups to turn ordinary spirits into dazzling cocktails, or use fancifully flavored fresh fruit cordials to create beverages that can stand with or without alcohol. Diversify the standard old fashioned or sazerac with exciting bitters that come in flavors, such as smoked orange, spiced cherry, and even chocolate. And if you want a drink with little effort on your part, mixers do all the heavy lifting for creating a margarita or Bloody Mary.

Beyond the Local Palate Marketplace Bar Items

In addition to our variety of barware and accessories, the Local Palate Marketplace offers no shortage of products that match your kitchen game to your bar game. Stock your pantry with South Carolina benne wafers, Virginia peanuts, Louisiana gumbo starter, or North Carolina peanut butter. Set the table with artisanal pottery pieces or masterfully crafted knives. Wow guests with a classic, Southern-made pie or biscuits. Or hit the road with all the snack mixes, cookies, and kettle chips you could possibly want!

  • Jalapeno Mint Sour

    Perfectly Cordial Jalapeno Mint Sour

    A combination of 4 different citrus fruit, refreshing mint and the slight spiciness of jalapeno. Made with organic cane sugar and like always NO artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. Great with any spirit or make a spirit free drink with 1-2 oz in a glass of tonic, seltzer or my favorite ……Topo Chico


  • Basil LemonAid

    Perfectly Cordial Basil LemonAid

    A blend of 4 different citrus fruits, cane sugar and fresh basil. Add a new twist to your favorite cocktail, an herbaceous flavor to summertime lemonade or a citrus and herbal flavor boost to sparkling water or tonic.   


  • Tropical Sour

    Perfectly Cordial Tropical Sour

    Tropical Sour or the best thing to have when life gives you lemons: a mix of lemon, Meyer lemon, lime, warm spices, lemon grass, lime leaf & cane sugar. 12.5 oz 5-6 servings


  • Mango, Mexican Chili, and Vanilla

    Perfectly Cordial Mango, Mexican Chili, and Vanilla

    With the brightness of mango, the spiciness of Mexican chili pepper, and the richness of vanilla, this drink from Perfectly Cordial tastes like vacation in a bottle. Mix it with tequila, rum, or sparkling water for a taste of the tropics. 8-ounce bottle  


  • Hibiscus and Honeycomb

    Perfectly Cordial Hibiscus and Honeycomb

    This refreshing Hibiscus and Honeycomb drink boasts subtle and sweet floral flavors. Made with fresh hibiscus and local honey, it's delicious with vodka, rum, tea, or in marinades. 8-ounce bottle If you really like our hibiscus and honeycomb drinks, we also have a limited edition spring flavored drink made of Pear Rose and Pink Peppercorn. It goes well with your Gin, Tequila, Vodka, Whiskey.


  • Pear & Rose with Pink Peppercorn

    Perfectly Cordial Pear & Rose with Pink Peppercorn

    A beautiful combination of delicate rose, pear, and a floral spiciness of pink peppercorn. Layers of flavor make it perfectly paired with Gin, Tequila, Vodka, Whiskey, or even Scotch. 8oz A sip of spring in every glass Limited edition spring flavorDon't worry, if you run out of this limited stock, we also have Hibiscus and Honeycomb drinks which offer a soft and sweet floral taste.


  • Rio Red Grapefruit Cordial

    Liber & Co. Rio Red Grapefruit Cordial

    This Rio Red Grapefruit Cordial captures the full flavor spectrum of ripe Texas grapefruit. Liber & Co. marries fresh Rio Red grapefruit juice with the fruit’s cold-pressed peel oils and natural acids. The result? Zesty grapefruit bliss—and the key to a perfect Paloma! Made in Austin, Texas.


  • Blood Orange Cordial

    Liber & Co. Blood Orange Cordial

    This Blood Orange Cordial captures the full flavor spectrum of ripe California blood oranges. Liber & Co. marries fresh blood orange juice with the fruit’s cold-pressed peel oils and natural acids. The result is a tart, juicy flavor that's punchy and complex—just like the blood orange itself. Made in Austin, Texas.



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