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Bourbon Smoked Spice Snack Mix


Bourbon Smoked Spice Snack Mix made by Bourbon Barrel Foods is a tasty, flavor packed variety snack with honey roasted peanuts, pretzels, sesame and corn sticks, crackers, and chips seasoned with Bourbon Smoked Spice. The spice has flavors of bourbon and smoke infused by reclaimed white oak barrels from Kentucky distilleries. The Bourbon Smoked Spice Snack Mix meets all your snack needs with this crunchy, savory, and smoky combination. It’s a snack mix that is a delicious treat for your everyday snacking and parties, if it lasts that long.

All Bourbon Barrel Foods products, including the Bourbon Spice Snack Mix, are made in Louisville, Kentucky, the home of bourbon country. All items are made using the same, unique method designed by Bourbon Barrel Foods founder and owner Matt Jamie. As mentioned before, they repurpose barrels directly from some of the finest distilleries in Kentucky as a smoking and aging agent. This long process is well worth the wait for the added flavors of bourbons that were once in the white oak barrels alongside hints of smoke and oak. Why do all this? Because Matt Jamie wants you, as said in their slogan, to be able to “Eat Your Bourbon.” Jamie is passionate about taking the classic liquor out of the glass and bringing it to the plate. So much so that he wrote the cookbook Eat Your Bourbon (Culinary Publishing). Read about his journey with bourbon and try some of his favorite recipes. There is a wide array of options to choose from, such as breakfast, sides, desserts, and drinks all using bourbon in some way.

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