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Charleston Favorites™ Charleston Benne Wafers 4-Pack


Toss everything that you think you know about delicious cookies to the side and meet the iconic Benne Wafer and the city’s signature savory treat. There are few things that encapsulate the city’s history more than this simple cookie. Nix the vanilla extract and put away the chocolate chips. The Benne Wafer relies on tasty toasted sesame seeds for a distinct flavor that is all its own, and with the 4-pack, you don’t have to worry about running out anytime soon. 

There is a long-running culinary history in Charleston for this crunchy, unique bite that you have to stop yourself from devouring the entire container in one sitting. The thickness resembles that of a crispy cracker and makes for the perfect vessel for other southern-made treats to rest on.

You can eat them on their own, serve them piled high with chicken salad and pimento cheese as an appetizer, or get inventive and make bite-sized ice cream sandwiches for an original dessert in the summer! Incorporated into a snack that is either sweet, savory, or both, these wafers fit the bill and your guests won’t forget them.

Benne Wafers have been in the Lowcountry since the diverse agricultural region was colonized in the 17th century. Benne — the Bantu word for sesame — was transported across the Atlantic from Africa where it was then planted and cultivated extensively throughout the South on numerous farms and plantations. Although a number of Lowcountry recipes and dishes call for this nutty seed either raw or toasted, none of them are as widely loved or recognized as the Benne Wafer.

Packaging: 6-ounce clear tub.

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