Recipe: Vanilla-Honey Bourbon Press with AR's Wildflower Honey

This vanilla-honey bourbon press requires a bit more work than your average drink, so it’s best for special occasions. The end result—a subtle and sweet vanilla-infused tipple—is well worth the extra effort. Try it with AR's Wildflower Honey.


Makes 1 liter infused bourbon for use in individual cocktails

Recipe from Scott Baker of Tusk & Trotter in Bentonville, Arkansas


For the vanilla-honey bourbon:

2 whole vanilla beans

1 liter bourbon, divided

1 cup AR's Wildflower Honey

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

Pinch salt

For the vanilla-honey bourbon press:

1¼ ounces vanilla-honey bourbon

Soda water to taste

7-Up to taste

Garnish: Lemon peel and mint sprig 


  1. Infuse the vanilla-honey bourbon: Cut vanilla beans lengthwise and scrape seeds from pods, adding seeds to large
 glass jar and setting pods aside. Add a splash of bourbon and muddle to incorporate seeds into liquid. Add remaining bourbon, then stir in honey, vanilla extract, scraped vanilla bean pods, and salt. Let infuse for 24 hours. Remove vanilla bean pods before bottling bourbon.
  2. Assemble the drink: To a lowball glass, add bourbon and ice. Top with equal parts soda water and 7-Up, adjusting amounts to taste. Garnish with lemon peel and mint sprig.

Photo by Philip Thomas

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