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The Local Palate Marketplace Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

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Seeking a heartfelt gift for Valentine’s (or Galentine’s) Day? Don’t settle for a grocery store chocolate box. This year, support independent businesses and give your loved one an edible, handcrafted gift made with intention by a Southern artisan.


Smoked Almond Chocolate Bars

Chocolate for Valentine’s Day isn’t exactly groundbreaking, but these Smoked Almond Chocolate Bars are anything but ordinary. Each order comes with two bars—one with whole smoked almonds and another with jalapeno-smoked almonds and a light chipotle dusting.

Bourbon Barrel Coffee

Do you love a coffee lover? Then you can’t go wrong with Bourbon Barrel’s Aged Coffee. It’s made with medium roast made with Safai Coffee Company’s 100-percent Arabica beans. These beans are flame-roasted and aged in a bourbon barrel once used for making Kentucky bourbon, resulting in cozy notes of deep chocolate, caramel, and bourbon.

Colts Bolts Bites

Colts Bolts are a beloved Nashville treat, and these Bolts Bites feature all the goodness of traditional Bolts in bite-sized balls. Inside, you’ll taste creamy peanut butter whipped to a mousse-like texture. Milk chocolate enrobes each bolt, which are topped with whole roasted almonds.

Hubs Gift Trio

A home-cooked tradition, Hubs Peanuts are extra-large and full of flavor and crunch thanks to their “blister-fried” preparation. This gift pack includes their Salted, Choco-Covered, and Sweet Heat Virginia-grown goobers.

AR’s Hot Southern Honey 3-Pack

This set from AR’s Hot Southern Honey includes three of the small-batch brand’s best flavors—Hot-Hot, Hot-Mild, and Bourbon Barrel Aged Honey, which offer varying levels of spicy sweetness. Sourced from Appalachian hives, AR’s honeys are 100-percent pure and free of artificial ingredients.


Written by Daniela Johnson

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