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New Vendor Alert: Sobremesa & Wisham Jellies

  • , by Hannah Lee Leidy
The Local Palate Marketplace welcomes two new partners this week, both experts in giving home cooks low-fuss, convenient ways to maximize flavor in their cooking and grilling while minimizing the time spent in the kitchen.

Sobremesa Mole & Salsas

Chicken in Sobremesa mole

From a quick chips-and-dip for when friends come over to enchilada night for the family, Sobremesa Mole & Salsas provides quick work-arounds that help you enjoy the quality time with company—away from the kitchen. Their ready-made poblano mole transforms humble ingredients into dinner, and the salsa verde and spicy salsa oaxaqueña burst with bright, fresh flavors—all you need to do is open a bag of chips. 

Freed from saucier duties, you’re able to spend more time with loved ones, resting assured that good flavors aren’t neglected. It’s a style of entertaining close to maker Mark Ciaburri’s roots. The Texas native learned about cooking from his mom and grandmother and later honed his skills in professional kitchens. He quickly discovered his love for cooking stemmed from the camaraderie that occurred when sharing a meal or snack with someone. Coupled with his fascination with and extensive study of Mexican cuisine, these salsas and moles are his salute to the nation’s time-honored cooking traditions.

Wisham Jellies

Chicken wings dressed in Wisham Jelly on a grill

On the other end of the sauce spectrum, Wisham Jellies are intended to get you out of the kitchen and over to the grill. Designed with the modern griller in mind, these spice-and-fruit-forward condiments pair perfectly with savory meats and a kiss of heat. Facing a surplus of peppers in his garden, creator Eric Wisham paired supply with his passion for grilling and put a twist on traditional pepper jelly. 

Made with whole, simple ingredients and utilizing a variety of fruits from pineapple to strawberry to peach (a nod to their Georgia origins), these jellies offer a quick, ready-to-use marinade for lamb, chicken, ribs, and more.

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