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New Vendor Alert: Big Delicious Brand

  • , by Hannah Lee Leidy

The Local Palate Marketplace is thrilled to welcome the Big Delicious Brand to our collection of Southern vendors!

     Jim Millican appreciates North Carolina food culture. A love for Carolina-style barbecue aside, Millican learned that good food requires quality ingredients and thoughtful preparation—no rushing or cutting corners. He developed these habits from cooking alongside he father, an avid home cook who believed in the power of seasoning … and lots of it.         Picture of Jim Millican, creator of Big Delicious Brand, sitting outside his home in Raleigh, NC

An avid football lover, Millican created a line of products essential to every game day spread: dips. And he wanted his dips to reflect game day snacks, particularly those in his home state, which are hearty and pork happy. 

He pulled on the North Carolina staple, eastern-style pulled pork barbecue to create the Original Hot ‘Cue Dip. He dip-ified the essential ingredients in game day chili, creating the Carolina Sausage Dip, complete with tomatoes, green chili, onion, Carolina country sausage, and cream cheese. For a fun riff on hawaiian pizza, Millican introduced the Pineapple and Country Ham Spread.

Image of Baked potato with Big Delicious Carolina Sausage dip on top

The Big Delicious brand found an immediate home among football and basketball enthusiasts. Yes, the dips played a key role in rounding out the game day and tailgating spread. However, they also added a convenient way to dress up other snacks, like, loading baked potatoes with the Carolina Sausage Dip and turning the Hot ‘Cue into a taco filling. 

The Local Palate Marketplace is excited to welcome tried-and-true Southerner Millican and the Big Delicious brand to our collection of Southern vendors! From sweet to spicy to savory, you will find these hearty dips on our Big Delicious Makers page, plus recipes to inspire various ways to use the products.

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