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Movie Night Snacks

  • , by Hannah Lee Leidy

While we like complaining about winter’s cold temperatures and lengthy nights, we also revel in the days when it’s too dreary, cold, and dark to do much outside. We must resort to the only appropriate option: settle in with a binge-worthy movie or show. Few things go better with a movie night than zesty sustenance to keep us fueled until the credits roll. We love movie theater popcorn as much as the next person, but home viewing lets us elevate the snack spread to sophisticated bites crafted by Southern gourmands. From sweet chocolates to Virginia peanuts and salty Charlotte-made pretzels, count on these snacks on the Local Palate Marketplace to power your Hollywood blockbuster screenings and Yellowstone binges.

Tapas-Style Sophistication 

Movie night snacks

Give movie nights a tapas-style spin with a mismatched bowl of Sevillano, Greek, and Tuscan olives. Olinda Olives lets the olive flavor shine through a simple vinegar-and-salt brine. Toss them with some chunks of feta and a drizzle of olive oil. Plop them into a martini for a James Bond viewing. We wouldn’t even judge you if you just ate them straight. 



Southern Peanuts from the Local Palate Marketplace

Movie night snacks

A bowl of spiced nuts continues the evening’s tapas theme and adds some crunchy diversity to the olives. We love Bertie County blister-fried peanuts for their salty simplicity, which you could even dress up with a little oil, favorite spice blends, and then a quick roast in the oven. Alternatively, a bourbon-smoked snack trio offers an easy way to keep snacking exciting with the assortment of chili-roasted peanuts, salt-and-pepper peanuts, and snack mix. 


Add Some Crunch

Movie night snacks

One of the best parts of watching movies at home? You can let your loudest crunching ring out and no one will care. Celebrate appropriately with the savory, crunchy snacks you’d otherwise nibble quietly in the theater. Fire up your Netflix cue (Outer Banks, anyone?) and dig into a bag of Lowcountry Kettle Chips (the spicy pimento cheese feels particularly Southern). The generously seasoned OG Pretzels from the Charlotte-based Queen City Crunch also throw some savory munching into the mix. Like those guilty-pleasure movies, this one’s best enjoyed alone or among your closest company—no one will thank you for your garlic breath.


Marketplace Goodies for the Sweet Tooth

Movie night snacks

Upgrade that movie theater candy for confections crafted by Southern chocolatiers and bakers. We love the nut-butter filled Bolts Bites for a bite-sized nugget perfect for a quick show or an exercise in restraint to savor through a lengthy movie. For a movie-themed date night or gal pals’ viewing of the Bachelor, get a treat to share. This colossal chocolate fleur de sel cookie from Sunflour Baking Company is the perfect size (obligatory pint of ice cream a la mode not included).



Not-So-Classic Popcorn

movie night snacks

For the purists among us, we understand that popcorn is an essential for setting the stage to screen a movie. Ella’s Popcorn mixes put a gourmet spin on the movie theater staple. The mother-daughter team dresses freshly popped kernels in premium ingredients, from Belgian chocolate to aged Parmesan cheese. The resulting sweet and savory mixes inspire nostalgic flavors, such as campfire s’mores or dockside fish n’ chips. 

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