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Mother's Day Gift Guide

  • , by Hannah Lee Leidy

There’s no single way to show the moms in our lives how much we appreciate what they do. The least we can do on Mother’s Day is let thoughtful gifts and sweet gestures do the talking for us.

Maybe you’re shopping for the mom who’s the hostess with the mostest, one who still insists on cooking for the family on Mother’s Day, or perhaps the mother who just craves some Me Time. From beautifully prepared desserts (sweet like her!) to premium ingredients (because Mom deserves only THE BEST), these Mother’s Day gifts are little ways to celebrate the moms we love.

Gifts for the Moms Who Love to Cook 

20 ounce container of Hubs Peanuts Sweet Heat flavor

Sweet Heat Peanuts

Hubs Peanuts

Speaking personally, my mom leaves her office for only two reasons. One, for more coffee. Two, everyday at 3 pm, she rushes home to grab a handful of Hubs Peanuts for her lunch and then promptly returns.

For the busy moms who have trouble finding time during the day to sit for an entire meal, gift her a giant, 20-ounce tin of the sweet, savory, and slightly spicy Sweet Heat peanuts. And it's worth noting that Hubs sounds like hugs—another gesture she should definitely receive on Mother's Day.

Three brown bags of Carolina Gold Rice

Carolina Gold Rice 3-Pack

Food for the Southern Soul

For moms who make the kitchen their creative sanctuary, gift a versatile ingredient like Carolina Gold rice. This premium grain holds up well in various preparations, from deep cooking to a quicker, fluffy starch. Use it in any rice-based dish, from gumbo to risotto, or try it as a substitute in shrimp and grits



The cover of the Row 34 Cookbook, a great addition to the Mother's Day Gift Guide

The Row 34 Cookbook

The Local Palate Marketplace

Full of rich stories about the small fishing communities behind New England's beloved Row 34 oyster bar plus savvy tips for fish preparation techniques and cooking, the Row 34 Cookbook is equal parts compendium and recipes for the seafood lover. Written by a mom, cookbook author, and the Local Palate's Editor in Chief, this gift will keep moms entertained between reading and cooking. 


Slice of Southern Chess Pie for a sweet side to the Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Southern Chess Pie

Colts Chocolate

You could spend the day preparing mom a beloved, heirloom recipe for Mother's Day, or you could present her with an entire pie that tastes just as decadent as the homemade version. This Southern Chess Pie from Nashville-based confectionary Colts Chocolates effuses butterscotch richness that tastes just as good after dinner as it does enjoyed for breakfast in bed. 



1 lb bag of Bourbon Barrel Aged Coffee from Bourbon Barrel Foods

 Bourbon Barrel Aged Coffee

Bourbon Barrel Foods

Where do moms get all their energy? Our best guess is a substantial amount of coffee. Fuel her buzz with small-batch roasted coffee. We like the especially Southern kick found in this blend, which takes on caramel, spice, and oaky notes thanks to its time spent aging in old bourbon barrels. 

Mother’s Day Gift Guide from TLP Moms 

Want ideas from a mom herself? Here’s what the mothers at the Local Palate are wishing for this Mother’s Day. 


Bushel of Oysters from Oysters XO

Chef's Choice Oysters

Oysters XO

Catch director of marketing and sales Amanda Fitzgerald celebrating her first Mother's Day with a glass of bubbles in hand. Ever mindful of which food pairings will make the wine sing, she's hoping for a bushel of oysters, which are curated for every order depending on the seasonal selection available in each region. 



AR's hot honey 3-pack

AR's Hot Honey Three-Pack

AR's Hot Southern Honey

Whether she's blitzing a breakfast smoothie or preparing a personal-sized charcuterie board, art director Angelique DeClerq keeps high-quality raw honey close at hand. She's looking to shake up the usual with three types of pepper-infused honey from Virginia-based AR's Hot Southern Honey. 




Table with Olinda Olives olive oil in bottle and in a bowl, and two different bowls of olives

Olive Pantry Pack

Olinda Olives

For avid home cook and seasoned cocktail enthusiast, all parts of the olive will find a welcome home in the kitchen of editor in chief Erin Byers Murray. The collection of extra-virgin olive oil, Sevilla olives, and mixed olives in the Olinda Olives' Pantry Pack covers all the bases between prepping a pizza for the backyard pizza oven or shaking up a dirty martini

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