Made in Georgia: 6 Edible Artisan Goods from the Peach State

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Got Georgia on your mind? These edible goods are handmade by locals in the Peach state, from sweet and salty pickled produce to crispy handmade cheese straws. Order them directly to your door for an authentic taste of the South.


Pickled Pink Variety Pack

Charlie Stephenson and Jim Lawlor of Pickled Pink Gourmet use 110-year-old recipes for their pickled vegetables and fruit, which they jar by hand. Their variety pack features sweet, salty, and crunchy pickled goods for every palate, including Garlic Dill Pickles, Sweet Heat Jalapeños, Perfectly Pickled Peaches, and Honey Cinnamon Beets. These preserves are just right for dressing up salads or sandwiches.

 Georgia Grinders Georgia-Grown Trio

This trio from Georgia Grinders features handcrafted nut butters made with Georgia-grown pecans, peanuts, and sea salt—and nothing else. You'll get 12-ounce jars of their Crunchy Peanut Butter, Creamy Peanut Butter, and Pecan Butter in the set. Spread these nut butters on fruit or bread for a healthy, protein-packed snack.

Radio Roasters Ethiopiques Coffee

Radio Roasters makes their Ethiopiques coffee through a controlled fermentation process, which involves drying the coffee cherry whole. The result is a bold, fruity cup with unique flavor notes, including floral, caramel, and berries. The Decatur-based company has been “pursuing the art of great coffee” since 2014.


Southern Straws Cheese Straws

Margaret and Neal Amos of Southern Straws bake their buttery homemade cheese straws by hand in Columbus, Georgia. Using an old family recipe, the mother-son duo prepares the dough with premium cheddar, butter, flour, spices, and a secret ingredient before baking it until crisp.

Tingly Togarashi by PET PET

This twist on the traditional Japanese seasoning includes Szechuan peppercorns, an untraditional addition to the mix of peppers, orange peels, and sesame seeds. While togarashi makes a spicy finishing touch for ramen, it works just as well in stir-fry dishes, noodles, cocktails, and lots more.

Unicoi Preserves Cherry Key Lime Spread

Made in the Georgia mountains by Clark and Suzy Neal, Unicoi Preserves' Cherry Key Lime Spread makes a tart topping for cheeses or desserts. Think of it as your favorite summertime beverage in spread form. As a bonus, it has a lower sugar content than typical preserves.

Written by Daniela Johnson


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