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The last couple weeks on the Marketplace have been very exciting with the release of five new Southern vendors. Ranging from Virginia to Tennessee, each of these brands tells a unique story and celebrates the food culture of the South through their delicious, high-quality products. Keep reading to learn what each new vendor has to offer, and give their products a try by shopping for them directly on the Local Palate Marketplace. 

Photograph of Daysie syrups

Daysie Syrups 

How many times have we heard how much money we’d save or healthier we’d be if we regularly made our own coffee? We’re not here to preach, but Daysie makes it easy for any at-home barista to make a better-for-you cup of coffee that doesn’t sacrifice flavor.

From Charleston, Daysie’s all-natural, certified-organic syrups help channel coffeeshop convenience into your morning routine with unique flavors like Coconut Almond, or the classics like Salted Caramel, and Madagascar Vanilla. Flavoring your coffee with Daysie syrups will leave your coffee (or cocktail) tasting better and your wallet feeling heavier. 

36-ounce tin of salted Feridies Virginia Peanuts

Feridies Virginia Peanuts

In Courtland, Virginia, Feridies Virginia Peanuts is proving that it only takes minimal ingredients to create high-quality, great-tasting products. Family owned and operated since 1973, Feridies Virginia Peanuts have earned a nationwide following thanks to their extra-large size, crunchy bite, and deep nutty flavor.

Don’t worry though, Feridies isn't just nuts about goobers–they also carry tins of plump roasted cashews, salted almonds, and pistachios. If you’re having trouble choosing just one, then do as we do and spring for the bundled assortments. Whether it’s their Sweet and Spicy 4 Pack or their Tasty Trio, they won’t last long in your pantry. 


Photograph of Tommy's bloody mary mix

Tommy’s Bloody Mary Mix

It all started with a hangover. Army vet and Charleston native Tommy Glasson had tried every remedy in the book to shake off the morning slump caused by the previous night’s activities, but nothing helped. Finally, he did what most of us do when we’re feeling under the weather: He made a phone call home to mom. As we all know, mother knows best, and that was just the case when she advised Glasson that, “The best detox is to retox,” and proceeded to outline her tried-and-true bloody mary recipe.

Glasson quickly realized his mom was on to something, and turned the recipe into the light, refreshing bloody mary mix that Tommy’s sells today. His mix consists of ingredients typically found in a bloody mary, but it’s set apart by the addition of clam juice. 

Tommy's Bloody Mary Mix has quickly become a household name in the Lowcountry, and you can find it rounding out brunch menus along the East Coast. 

Clark + Hopkins 

Unlike most hot sauces that are only out for tears, Clark + Hopkins aims to provide regionally flavored hot sauces that you can use in your cooking and that actually tastes delicious. From Richmond, Clark + Hopkin’s owner, Brandon Clark, loves sourcing the regional ingredients to create his sauces and wants to use his sauces for goodwhether simply providing nostalgia filled, hard-to-find authentic flavors in someone’s food for the first time or trying to help solve the food crisis in war-torn countries.

From Texas to Ethiopia, Clark + Hopkins offers nine signature hot sauces along with two bloody mary mixes. The sauce line is always growing as Hopkin’s own experiences and travels expand, and Hopkin’s has even gotten to  pay homage to his own roots with his development of the Chesapeake Bay and Virginia hot sauces.

Find a flavor on the Marketplace that brings back a memory for you, and let us know what you think! 

16-ounce bag of Rainbow Trout Kitchen granola

Rainbow Trout Kitchen 

Jakie Bowles and Ashley Wallace became fast friends when they both landed in Richmond around the same time, but they would have never expected they’d be running a granola empire a few years down the road.

Bowles' son, Peter, developed Rainbow Trout Kitchen (then Rainbow Trout Granola) when he was only eight-years old and continued to grow the brand throughout high-school. Upon realizing that it was time for him to move on, he enrolled in Wake Forest University and sold the business to Wallace and Bowles.

The pair took Peter’s (impressive) framework for the business, learned how to scale it to the next level, and have dedicated themselves to making it the best it can beand trust us, it’s so good. Along with the Marketplace, Rainbow Trout Kitchen granola is sold in groceries and markets all across Virginia and the availability is quickly growing.

Shop their one-pound bags or their snack bags on the Marketplace, and make Rainbow Trout Kitchen granola a mainstay in your routine.  


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