The Road Trip Snacks That Keep Us Moving

  • , by Hannah Lee Leidy
  • 7 min reading time
Whether you hit the road in search of snowy mountain slopes or with your heart set on finding sunshine on Southern beaches, you need the essential fuel to keep you going: snacks and lots of them. Our team of foodies at the Local Palate treats snacking like a competitive sport. Road trips give us the opportunity to depart from the standard gas station chips and fast food sandwiches. Instead, we reach for portable treats from Southern gourmands, bakers, and chocolatiers that vary from crunchy munchies to indulgent sweets to spicy bites. With these premium snacks balanced on our center consoles, we stay alert and powered wherever the road leads us.
Smokehouse crackers
Smokehouse Crackers | Spices Smokehouse
“My go-to road trip snack has quickly become the Bar-B-Q Smokehouse Crackers. They sell them by the bag, but I all too often go for the tub.” Jacob H., Assistant Editor $25/4-pack
Ella's Popcorn
Ella’s Buffalo Ranch | Ella’s Popcorn
“With a napkin nearby, Ella’s Buffalo Ranch Pop is my new favorite road trip snack. Plus, the orange and white colors are game-day perfect for a Clemson tailgate.” Amanda F., Director of Sales and Marketing From $10
Food for the southern soul
Sweet and Salty Snack Box | Food for the Southern Soul
Iconic Southern snacks come together in this duo for a pairing of sweet benne wafers and salty cheese straws, all made in Charleston.
"A few times a year, my little family hits the road and heads to the mountains. We take our road trip snacks very seriously—it’s all about finding the perfect balance of savory and sweet, with plenty of crunch.” Laurel G., Digital Marketing Manager  $17
Colts Chocolate
Colts Chocolate-Covered Marshmallows
“After a few hours behind the wheel, I’m ready for a sweet snack and these puffy, chocolate-covered marshmallows are an easy, but utterly addictive, treat.” Erin B. M., Editor in Chief  $18
Griff's Toffee
Griff’s Coffee Toffee
“Researching for our fall Road Trips Issue took me back to one of my favorite cities, Austin. Griff’s Coffee Toffee kept me going on long stretches of highway.” Lia G.W., Associate Editor $36/12 pack
Suga's Pimento Cheese
Suga’s Jalapeno Pimento Cheese
“Pimento cheese travels well, and its thick consistency prevents spillage when I round tight turns on the backroads. The assorted flavors of Suga’s Pimento Cheese keep snacking exciting, so I can drift from Jalapeno to Black Truffle without getting flavor fatigue.” Hannah Lee L., Digital Editor $10
Food for the Southern Soul
Black Jack Beef Jerky Sweet & Smoky
“I spend a lot of time on the road to events around the South. I always grab a bag of jerky, the quintessential road trip snack, to keep me going.” Maggie W., Events and Marketing Manager $29/3-pack
Red Rooster Coffee Funky Chicken Blend
Red Rooster Coffee Funky Chicken Blend
“Every year my daughter Katherine and I take a road trip together. Our two essential must-haves are strawberry Twizzlers and coffee. My new favorite is Red Rooster’s Funky Chicken.” Angelique D., Art Director $14 
A Few Others We Crave...
Bourbon Barrel Foods
Bourbon Smoked Spice Snack Mix | Bourbon Barrel Foods
Think next-level Chex Mix a la peanuts, pretzels, corn sticks, crackers, and chips, all mixed together and seasoned with Bourbon Barrel Food’s bourbon smoked spice mix. $12
Queen city crunch
Queen City Crunch OG Pretzels
These pretzels’ classic salt is amped up Cajun style with notes of garlic, dill, and a spicy kick. $10
Lambrecht Gourmet
Lambrecht Gourmet Southern Pecan Toffee
Lambrecht’s award-winning toffee is made by hand in Arkansas starting with a thick bed of pecans covered by rich butter toffee and layered with imported chocolate. The one-pound in will make for a sweet ride there and all the way back. $29
Holmes Sweet Home
Holmes Sweet Home Cinnamon Sugar Pecan Brittle
This sugary sweet pecan brittle crafted by Chef Samotria Holmes in Greenville, South Carolina, tastes like a pecan sticky bun in candy form. Made with whole ingredients, all of Holmes Sweet Home brittles are vegan and gluten free. $12
Hubs Peanuts
Hubs Sweet Heat Peanuts
Kick things up a notch with a sweet-and-spicy mix of Hubs’ Virginia-grown, extra-large peanuts flavored with natural spices and chili peppers. The 20-ounce tin is enough to share with the whole car. $25
Gillespie's Peanuts
Gillespie’s Lime Margarita Peanuts
Take it in the direction of tangy with lime margarita peanuts grown and roasted in South Carolina. Bonus points for on-theme snacking if your final destination is somewhere south-of-the-border. $8
Hostess Provisions
Hostess Provisions Tomato Sandwich Seasoning
Hostess Provisions created a seasoning for your best tomato sandwich yet—but it’s also great on drive-thru fries and popcorn. $11
Oliver Puff & co.
Oliver Pluff & Co. S'mores Coffee Tin
Freshly roasted when you order, Charleston’s Oliver Pluff & Co. coffees offer a bold brew of roasted, ground Colombian Supremo beans with bourbon-vanilla notes. $14
Oliver Pluff & Co.
Oliver Pluff & Co. Cold Brew Blackberry Tea Tin
This subtly sweet blackberry tea steeps easily in the included tea filter(!!!). Start a batch the night before departure for a delightful way to kick off the drive. $20
Grassroots Coffee Roasters
Grassroots Coffee Roasters Bean Me Up Scotty Blend
A top seller for Georgia-based Grassroots Coffee, this cleverly named blend is a medium roast with a smooth, nutty finish. $13
Radio Roasters HiFi Coffee
Radio Roasters Coffee Hi/Fi Blend
This Atlanta-based coffee blend is made from beans imported from Colombia and Ethiopia, resulting in a smooth roast with notes of cocoa and bright, refreshing berry. It’s excellent both hot and iced. $15


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