Father's Day Dinner Ideas

  • , by Amber Chase
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With June in full swing, it's time to start prepping for Father's Day. Below, find a roundup of Father's Day dinner ideas from crispy pickle chips to batch cocktails that feature Southern-made provisions. Whether dad prides himself as head grill master or prefers to lounge on the patio with a cocktail, these recipes will pack his special day with memories and flavor. 

Explore our collection of Father's Day essentials to stock up for your meal planning, or consider browsing for gifts if you're celebrating dad from a distance. 

Father's Day Dinner Ideas

Pickled Pink Pickle Chips

No matter the time of year, dad's grilling rule will always hold true: Don't grill on an empty stomach. Whip up a batch of Pickled Pink Foods' pickle chips to snack on throughout the afternoon. We love dipping these in a homemade ranch, ketchup, or dousing with hot sauce.
Fried pickle chips for Father's Day Dinner

Pass the Tea Punch

To keep hydrated throughout the day, we suggest prepping a bowl of Pass the Tea Punch featuring Oliver Pluff & Co's black tea: the sweet tea cocktail built for summer sipping and a batch cocktail that will fuel the whole family. 
Pass the Tea punch in a tall glass with a smoky lemon slice on top

Tailgate Wings with Blue Cheese Dressing

For the Father's Day dinner main course, you can't go wrong with tailgate wings featuring Ogre Sauce. Vary the spice level to dad's preference and double or triple the batch depending on how many people you are expecting. These classic hot wings pair perfectly with blue cheese dressing, which you can serve with carrots and celery for crunchy additions. 
tailgate wings on a white plate topped with chives for Father's Day Dinner

Griff's Toffee Ice Cream Pie

No Father's Day dinner is complete without dessert. While making an ice cream pie in the June heat may seem risky, slices of Griff's Toffee ice cream pie fly off the plate fast enough that this danger poses no threat. 
griffs ice cream pie topped with chocolate, whipped cream, and toffee pieces for Father's Day Dinner

Southern Makers Participating in Father's Day Dinner

Pickled Pink Foods
Oliver Pluff & Co.
Ogre Sauce 
Griff's Toffee



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