Celebrate National Peanut Month with These Southern-Grown Goobers

March is National Peanut Month. What better way to celebrate than with crunchy, salty, Southern-grown peanuts? Here’s a taste of our Marketplace’s peanut offerings featuring varieties from Virginia-based brand Hubs Peanuts and South Carolina-based brand Gillespie’s Peanuts.


Gillespie’s Salted Peanuts

Sometimes, simple is best, and these Salted Peanuts from Gillespie’s are proof. Grab a handful, and you’ll taste why they’re Gillespie’s best-selling snack.

Gillespie’s Carolina BBQ Peanuts

Gillespie’s also offers these savory Carolina BBQ Peanuts. Staying loyal to the Carolina tradition, they boast bold flavors of Southern barbecue in every bite.

Hubs Honey-Kissed Peanuts

Sweet meets salty in Hubs Honey-Kissed Peanuts. With a light coating of honey and salt, these Virginia-grown, “blister-fried” nuts are best enjoyed straight out of the jar—but they make a tasty topping for ice cream, too.

 Hubs Sweet Heat Peanuts

Hubs’ extra-large Virginia peanuts pack a sweet and hot punch thanks to a mouthwatering blend of all-natural spices and sweet chili peppers.

Hubs Trio Pack

Can’t decide between sweet and savory? With the Hubs Trio Pack, you can try three of their most popular peanut flavors: Salted, Choco-Covered, and Sweet Heat.

Want more peanuts? Check out our full selection of Hubs and Gillespie’s offerings.



Written by Daniela Johnson

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