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Lost Restaurants of Charleston

Author: Jessica Surface

Once a sleepy city of taverns and coffeehouses, Charleston's reputation as a culinary powerhouse is rooted in its rich history. The origins of she-crab soup trace back through Everett's Restaurant. The fine dining of Henry's evolved from a Prohibition-era speakeasy. Desserts were flamb ed from the pulpit of a deconsecrated church at Chapel Market Place, and Robert's hosted Charleston's famous singing chef. Diners became regulars at Kitty's Fine Foods or Brooks Restaurant on their first visit, while the rise of French cuisine from the Wine Cellar, Marianne and Philippe Million helped elevate the dining scene. From blind tigers to James Beard Awards, author and local tour guide Jessica Surface explores the stories and history of Charleston's love of food.

About the Author
Surface, Jessica: - Jessica Surface is a certified tour guide with the city of Charleston. She started Chow Down Charleston Food Tours in 2014 with her husband, Reid, which focused on showcasing smaller, off-the-beaten-path restaurants that people have a tendency to overlook when they visit the city. In her spare time, Jessica also works as a pediatric occupational therapist and lives in Mount Pleasant with her husband and two dogs, Stu and Dori.

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