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Kenneth's Creative Creole Cajun Kitchen Recipes

Author: Dominique Jean

I titled this manuscript Kenneth's Creative Creole-Cajun Kitchen Recipes for many reasons. First, because I am a Creole-Cajun chef. Second, all the recipes listed here I used to make for Kenneth on a tight budget when he was alive. I decided to put them in this book. In another book, I wrote about my struggles with Kenneth for other parents and caretakers to benefit from and also to help Kenneth's twin sister Kelssey to keep her last promise to her brother. She promised him that she will become a doctor so she can help disable need kids like him by forming a foundation named after him. She is now a teacher working with disabled children while going to school to become a doctor as planned.

The proceeds of these books will help keep the foundation open without relying on charity alone. As a devoted mom, I will continue to make the sacrifices necessary in order to make things happen in her journey to give back. I asked God to give me the grace and the wisdom to persevere and to see that wish come true. After all, it's for a really good cause. Thanks for reading. God bless.

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