AR's Hot Southern Honey

AR’s® Peach Hot Sauce


Made with ripe Southern peaches, hot habanero peppers, sweet clover honey, and wildflower honey, AR’s Peach Hot Sauce is the ultimate Southern hot sauce. Its broad range of flavor notes include peachy, peppery, smoky, sweet, and spicy flavors. Use this hot sauce on grilled meats and vegetables, or add some smoky-sweet heat to your sandwiches and salads. Don't forget to add a splash to your next cocktail, too.

AR’s Hot Southern Honey Peach Hot Sauce is all-natural and contains real peaches and habanero peppers. It’s made with raw, 100% pure honey sourced from Appalachian hives. All of AR’s products are free of artificial sugar, additives, preservatives, or extracts. This hot sauce is gluten-free.

Peach, real habanero pepper, 100% pure wildflower and clover honeys, ginger, turmeric, coriander, lemon juice, apple cider vinegar, water, garlic.

Glass bottle with screw-top plastic cap.

5-ounce bottle.


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