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Ella's Popcorn Custom 3pk | Savory

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Ella’s Pops are an unmatched collection of freshly popped popcorn coated in gourmet spices and blends to create unique flavors. You’ll taste fresh herbs and cheeses on the crunchy treat, and you won’t be able to put it down. Ella’s uses a combination of Organic Mushroom and Butterfly popcorn kernels for a duo of crunch that you can’t get from your average package of popcorn.

Ella’s features sweet and salty flavors that balance each other perfectly. Some of their most popular savory flavors are the buffalo ranch, which is coated in cheese, spices for kick, and ranch for saltiness— it’s as close as you can get to wings without turning on the oven. Their Dill-Licious Pop is coated in dill pickle powder and real dried dill. The Parma Amore Pop is seasoned evenly with aged garlic and parmesan cheese powder that echoes garlic bread and will replace your craving for chips. 

Take Ella's Popcorn To Go

Ella’s Popcorn comes in resealable, 8-ounce bags which make the product ideal for snacking, gift giving, and road-tripping near and far. Each bag is packed with 4 cups of popcorn including Ella's Sweet Popcorn in the flavor of your choice. The unique treat is handmade in small batches upon each individual order, so it is impossible to gift a batch, or get a batch, that isn’t perfectly fresh. 

Based in Raleigh, North Carolina, Ella’s Popcorn ships nationwide to amateurs and popcorn-lovers alike. Order their savory flavors, their sweet flavors, or a mixture of both to satisfy all of your late-night cravings or to serve as midday snacking.

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