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Down Home Texas Cooking

Author: James Stroman

Treat yourself to a genuine taste of Texas with this collection of authentic and savory dishes as broad as the Texas sky and as hearty as a cowboy's laugh. James Stroman traveled the Lone Star State and collected the special recipes that have become traditional mealtime favorites with Texas families. These best-loved dishes include spicy Creole cuisine, splendid Tex-Mex offerings, classic Texas fare, and delectable Gulf Coast seafood. And for the carb-counters out there, a special icon has been added to draw attention to the low and no-carb recipes. From hors d'oeuvres to dessert, the recipes in Down Home Texas Cooking are as rich and varied as Texas itself.

About the Author
James Stroman, author of the bestselling Great Country Inns of America Cookbook, has been a White House Fellow, personal assistant to Dallas Cowboy's owner Clint Murchison, and owner of his own food company. He lives in Dallas, Texas.

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