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Creole Calas Criers

Author: Lurlene Bowden

Along the streets today in New Orleans, Louisiana, walking upon the, weathered, WELL-traveled cobblestones, surrounded by the, enclosing, brick townhouses exploiting their French architecture and decoration in the Black, wrought iron gates, windows, and balconies, one can feel "danger in the air" blended with the delightful aroma of fried Pastries, Seafood, laughter, fun, loud bands, music, and different cultures and nationalities of people/visitors, as well as, the faint cry of the "Street Siren from the Sea"... "B-E-L-L-E...T-A-U-T...C-H-A-U-D!" This illustrious port city, during the antebellum South's Empire in international trade, commerce, and Cotton crops, murder, intrigue, crime, social extravagance, and extreme wealth, was sentenced with the verdict that "Hung over" its corrupted, Man Infested, Destiny!" Spanish and French Royalty, immigrants, nations, principalities, privateers, buccaneers, ladies of the evening, and, "a den of thieves," pirates, roamed the market place, daily, in search of money and lots of it. New Orleans was the capital of the Americas and the "heartbeat" of the world's economy. Slavery, legal and illegal gambling of Large, sums of money, products, and Large, plantations of land, and, a Civil and Political War, were to fall, as Rome... "The glorious SOUTH, polluted from within." Enjoy her memories of a time lost, as you bake these Recipes in your kitchen from the CREOLE/CAJUN lifestyle, YOU requested.

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