Bourbon Barrel Foods

Bourbon Smoked Soy Sauce


Bourbon Smoked Soy Sauce is an intense sauce that is rich in flavors of smoke, salt, and a hint of bourbon. Bourbon Barrel Foods took their signature Bluegrass Soy Sauce and slow-smoked it again using white oak barrel staves–wooden planks of the barrel–that are repurposed from distilleries across Kentucky. Repurposing these barrels infuses the soy sauce with some of the finest Kentucky bourbons.

Umami is soaked in the sauce to add the delicious saltiness that pairs well with the smoke. This process results in a more intense, complex tang of soy sauce. The Bourbon Smoked Soy Sauce is so intense that a dropper is recommended for serving control. Add a few drops to sushi, soups, noodles, and more as a finishing sauce for a dash of liquid goodness. 

Bourbon Smoked Soy Sauce and all other Bourbon Barrel Foods goods are made in Louisville, Kentucky. The company is passionate about finding ways to infuse bourbon and some Kentucky pride into their products. Owner and founder Matt Jamie shares all kinds of ways to do so in his cookbook Eat Your Bourbon (Culinary Publishing) that uses bourbon in a variety of ways to bring the spirit to the plate. It’s perfect for all levels of chef, offering all kinds of recipes for any meal and adult beverage. Bourbon Barrel Foods collection has great gifts for all the chefs, grillers, mixologists, and bakers. In addition to their Bourbon Smoked Soy Sauce, they have something for everyone from their Bourbon Barrel Aged Madagascar Vanilla Extract to Barreled Aged & Bourbon Smoked Bloody Mary Mix to Bourbon Barrel Foods Bourbon Smoked Sea Salt.

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