Bourbon Barrel Foods

Bourbon Barrel Foods Bourbon Smoked Pecans


Try Bourbon Barrel Foods Bourbon Smoked Pecans. These pecans are loaded with the flavor of sweet, savory, and a hint of spice. The natural sweetness of the nut is complemented by the seasoning of Bourbon Smoked Sea Salt, Bourbon Smoked Pepper, Bourbon Smoked Paprika, and Bourbon Smoked Chef’s Blend. These are wonderful as a grab-and-go snack or for cooking.

Be bold in using Bourbon Smoked Pecans. Add them to cheese tray and charcuterie boards to weave bourbon flavors of smoke and oak alongside aromatic cheeses and wines. Use them in salads for a pleasant crunch and rich nuttiness to contrast tangy vinaigrettes. Try baking the smoked pecans in breads that will intensify the spices and bourbon taste for a loaf that can’t be beat. And, with bourbon in the name, enjoy snacking on them alongside your favorite bourbon cocktails. Buy a bag, dig in, and enjoy Bourbon Smoked Pecans that take pecans to a whole new level. 

Bourbon Smoked Pecans and other Bourbon Barrel Foods items are made in Louisville, Kentucky. Why so much bourbon-talk you ask? Owner and founder Matt Jamie loves the spirit so much that he wanted to make it more than a drink, and he came up with an unparalleled method to accomplish it: The company repurpose white oak barrels from the finest distilleries in Kentucky to use as a smoking and aging agent. This process is well worth the wait for the added delicious flavors of bourbons and smoke. Try other ways the essence of bourbon is used in the signature Bluegrass Soy Sauce, Bourbon Smoked Pepper Bacon, and so much more!

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