Bourbon Barrel Foods

Bourbon Smoked Garlic Salt


Bourbon Smoked Garlic Salt from Bourbon Barrel Foods is an extremely flavorful version of a classic spice blend. The salt is handmade in Louisville, Kentucky by slowly smoking a blend of large salt crystals, garlic, fennel, and orange peels over white oak bourbon barrel staves. The salt crystals absorb the dynamic flavors of the barrels that once held the best Kentucky bourbons, creating complex tastes that are contrasted by the aroma of the garlic and light, refreshing orange peels. Bourbon Smoked Garlic Salt works as a great finishing seasoning and is perfect for slow-cookers and Crockpots to bring out the most of the blend.

The Bourbon Smoked Garlic Salt is a part of the six piece set in the Bourbon Smoked Spices-Miniature Trial Set. Sample the best of the Bourbon Smoked Spice Blend collection and find your favorite smoked spice. Alongside the garlic salt is Bourbon Smoked Chili Powder, Bourbon Smoked Citrus Pepper, Bourbon Smoked Togarashi, Bourbon Smoked Sugar, and Bourbon Smoked Chef’s Blend.

These ideas of using the delicious spirit comes from Bourbon Barrel Foods owner and founder Matt Jamie. It all began with him making their signature Bluegrass Soy Sauce out of his home. Now, he has created a cookbook, Eat Your Bourbon (Culinary Publishing, 2018), where Jamie shares his favorite recipes that use bourbon in some way. Read about his journey with bourbon and try recipes that will have you eating the spirit all day. Find all kinds of gifts for families and friends that meet their cooking needs from Bourbon Barrel Foods.

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