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Henry Bain’s Original Pendennis Club Sauce


Henry Bain’s Famous Sauce from Bourbon Barrel Foods earns fame for its rich, tangy flavor. The sauce includes tomato sauce, vinegar, sweet chutney, and pickled walnuts. Originally intended for beef dishes, Henry Bain’s famous sauce quickly became used as barbecue (per our style) sauce for meatloaf and more. It’s perfect to add a spark of flavor to any meat to add a spark of flavor. 

The acidity of the vinegar and pickled walnuts add a pleasant tang balanced by the sweet chutney. The combination makes an outstanding flare for appetizers. Top cream cheese with Henry Bain’s Famous Sauce for a yummy cracker dip. Or, add a twist  and make Creole cream cheese to spread on your bread for a delicious breakfast or dinner roll.

Bourbon Barrel Foods’ Henry Bain’s Famous Sauce was first served at the Pendennis Club in Louisville, Kentucky for over 100 years. Henry Bain started working at this prestigious club in 1881 as the elevator boy and soon became the head maître d’. He was liked by alland made impressions on the members with his wonderful manners and well-rounded personality. Bain had a wide knowledge of wines and meats that helped meals meet the palates of the club’s members. Dedicated his life to serving the Pendennis Club. 

During his forty years at the establishment, he created this legendary sauce to accompany steaks and local game. This delicious condiment is a small selection of African-American recipes directly tied to its creator. The recipe for Henry Bain’s famous sauce was exclusively served at the club around 2015. Buy a bottle and add a taste of sophistication to your meals.


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