Tailgating Gear

Tailgating's importance in the South rivals that of the game itself. It's a ceremony dedicated to socialization and snacks (our kind of ceremony). You may plan a parking lot party or call up the friends for a laidback hangout at the house.

In addition to good company, festive garb, and cold beer, you need a spread of winning eats for the tailgate: Reach for crunchy snack mixes and locally grown peanuts for easy-to-eat bites between conversations. Fire up the grill, and dress your meats with barbecue rubs, blackened seasonings, hot wings sauce, and artisan marinades. Craft portable handhelds, like mini sandwiches, crackers and cheese dip, and sausage balls. Finally, stir up a punch or big-batch cocktail with Southern-made bitters, syrups, and mixers.

From game-day eats to touchdown toasts, the Local Palate Marketplace has the sauces, meats, snacks, sweets, and cordials for your tailgate. 

  • Spicy Pimento Cheese Chips - The Local Palate Marketplace℠

    Lowcountry Kettle Chips Spicy Pimento Cheese Chips

    Pimento cheese and potato chips. What could be better? These crunchy kettle chips feature the Lowcountry's favorite cheese spread—with a touch of heat! Snack on them when you're craving a cheesy, crunchy treat. Made in Charleston by Lowcountry Kettle Chips.

  • Mark and Jerry's Most Excellent Steak Sauce

    Homegrown Hospitality Group Mark and Jerry's Most Excellent Steak Sauce

    Congratulations. You just found the most excellent steak sauce you'll ever taste! Give Mark and Jerry's Most Excellent Steak Sauce a try—you won't want your taste without it.

  • Pickled Pink Variety | 4-pack

    Pickled Pink Foods Pickled Pink Variety | 4-pack

    Includes one of each of the following:  Gourmet Jalapeño Pickles Sweet Gourmet Pickles Smokin' Okra Garlic Dill Pickles

  • Bloody Mary Chips

    Lowcountry Kettle Chips Bloody Mary Chips

    All the flavor of your favorite bloody mary cocktail in a crunchy, salty snack. Made with the same zesty ingredients you'd find in a bloody mary—minus the booze—these kettle chips pack the perfect punch. They're an addictive snack that'll hit the spot anytime, whether you're hosting a party, watching a movie, or heading out on a road trip. Made by Lowcountry Kettle Chips in Charleston.

  • Barrel Aged & Bourbon Smoked Bloody Mary Mix

    Bourbon Barrel Foods Barrel Aged & Bourbon Smoked Bloody Mary Mix

    Jazz up the classic bloody mary cocktail with this bloody mary mix from Bourbon Barrel Foods. Get a smoky, savory taste like no other. This mix is handcrafted with tomato juice, their vegetarian Bourbon Barrel-Aged Worcestershire Sauce, bourbon-smoked spices, a dash of hot sauce, horseradish, and cold-pressed lemon and lime juices for a fresh citrus tang. The delicious combination is then aged in white oak barrels directly repurposed from Kentucky distilleries to infuse smoke and bourbon flavors for the ultimate bloody mary mix. Refresh your palate from fruity cocktails and intense liquors for a cocktail that will hit just right. Beyond the bourbon aged and smoked bloody mary mix, Bourbon Barrel Foods proves why Kentucky is Bourbon Country with its gourmet collection of infusing bourbon in everything. Why? Owner Matt Jamie wanted to bring Kentucky’s famous bourbon industry to the plate. That’s why the company’s initiative is “Eat Your Bourbon.” It all started with Jamie teaching himself how to make a soy sauce that was unique to represent the Bluegrass State. After several trial and errors, he found that aging his recipe in barrels recently used in distilleries created bourbon flavors of smoke and oak for an unmatched sauce. Bluegrass Soy Sauce put Bourbon Barrel Foods on the map. Since then, Bourbon Barrel Foods has put bourbon in all their products in some way, shape, or form. Their Barrel Aged & Bourbon Smoked Bloody Mary Mix is no exception. While you sip your bloody mary, sip on some of the best bourbon flavors Kentucky has to offer.  

  • Woodster Smoked Orange Bitters

    Woodster Bitters Woodster Smoked Orange Bitters

    Enhance the flavor of any cocktail with Woodster's Smoked Orange Bitters! These bitters are crafted by smoking whole oranges over pecan wood, resulting in a perfect combination of smokiness, fruity essence, and spice. Whether you're savoring a warm Old Fashioned or a refreshing Manhattan, these bitters will be your ideal companion.

  • Ella's Popcorn Seasonal 3-pack | Valentines Day

    Ella's Popcorn Ella's Popcorn Seasonal 3-pack | Valentines Day

    Indulge in the perfect Valentine's Day treat with Ella's Popcorn Cupid's Trio Box! Featuring three delicious flavors: Chocolate Peanut Butter, Raspberry For Real, and Cocoa Berry. It's the sweetest way to celebrate love. 

  • Battery Barbecue Gift Box

    Food for the Southern Soul Battery Barbecue Gift Box

    Whether you’re shopping for your favorite grill master or looking to impress at the next weekend cookout, the Battery Barbecue Gift Box is a must-have in every grill person’s arsenal. Equipped with rubs, sauces, and hot sauce (for that extra kick), this kit sees your meats through the marinating, dressing, and finishing stages. Each Battery Barbecue Gift Box includes BlackJack Barbecue Original Sauce, BlackJack Barbecue Rib Rub, and Charleston Favorites Peach Hot Sauce—all you have to do is get the meat. The saucy trio hits all the right notes that make meat sing (figuratively speaking). Take your pick between chicken, pork, or beef, and season it with the BlackJack Barbecue Dry Rub for a smoky and salty hit. As your meat grills (or roasts in the oven), mop it with the BlackJack Barbecue Sauce. This vinegar-based barbecue sauce takes a cue from its North Carolina counterpart, and its extra acidity keeps meat from feeling too rich or heavy.  Adding up Tidewater Shrimp Sauce to some of your dish will be perfect. its a mix of peppers, spices, and oils. It needs nothing more than a stick of melted butter before it’s ready to pour over fresh shrimp in a baking dish. Since everyone’s spice tolerance varies, the Charleston Favorites Peach Hot Sauce lets people spice to their liking after the meat is served.  Treat Yourself to the Battery Barbecue Gift Box When used together, the rub, barbecue sauce, and hot sauce create a smoky, tangy, and sweet mingling for a crowd-pleasing dish at any Southern cookout. The Battery Barbecue Gift Box is among good company. It’s from the Food for the Southern Soul brand, which brings signature flavors and foods from around the South to pantries, party spreads, and dinner tables around the country. It specializes in ingredients from the Lowcountry, Gulf, Appalachia, and Tidewater, so expect coarse-ground grits, pickled vegetables, cheese straws, chutneys, and more. 

  • Carolina Gold BBQ Sauce

    Carolina Brewery Carolina Gold BBQ Sauce

    Try this gold sauce on pulled pork, grilled chicken, rice, and hash or any dish that needs some extra Carolina zing!Carolina Brewery's Carolina Gold BBQ sauce honors South Carolina’s style of barbecue by blending a mustard base with vinegar, brown sugar, and spices for a perfect balance of tangy, sweet, and spicy.

  • Eastern Carolina BBQ Sauce

    Carolina Brewery Eastern Carolina BBQ Sauce

    Try this sauce with smoked pork, beef ribs, pig pickings, or any dish that needs some extra Carolina zing!Carolina Brewery's Eastern Carolina BBQ Sauce is an ode to the traditional method of pit cooking in eastern North Carolina. Apple cider vinegar is blended with chili peppers and spices to pack a flavorful punch.

  • ogre sauce

    Ogre Sauce Ogre Sauce Hot & Not | 2-pack

    If the name alone doesn't get your attention, then the bold flavors of this BBQ sauce certainly will. While it’s great on pulled pork, ribs, or any other barbecue, it really shines when you discover that it’s just as good on almost everything else. Pair it with your grilled veggies, burgers, oysters, or use it as a dip and discover why this truly is an incredibly versatile, cooking essential.  

  • Fire-Roasted Bloody Mary Mix

    Food for the Southern Soul Fire-Roasted Bloody Mary Mix

    Started as simply vodka and tomato juice, the Bloody Mary cocktail we find today has elevated to something almost akin to a long-perfected family recipe: Everyone has their own tweak to it—some carefully sourcing all ingredients from scratch, others relying on a mixer to get things started, and all seasoning to their liking. And (depending on how it’s garnished) it can almost be a meal. This particular Fire-Roasted Bloody Mary Mix is for the cocktail maker who likes equal parts convenience and history. Created by Food for the Southern Soul, this heat-kissed mixer pays homage to Charleston during Prohibition—the era that transformed the iconic drink—and one of the area’s much-beloved characters, Mr. Jimmie. He was a renowned golfer, tennis player, and conversationalist who lived in the Holy City until the 1960s. During the 1920s, he grew particularly keen on the Bloody Mary, using a seasoned, fire-roasted tomato mixture that served as today’s inspiration for the Fire-Roasted Bloody Mary Mix. Beyond the Fire-Roasted Bloody Mary Mix The Food for the Southern Soul brand is dedicated to making the South’s signature flavors, ingredients, and dishes accessible around the country. In addition to beverage mixers, you’ll find an abundant offering of Carolina Gold rice, barbecue sauces and rubs, peach chutney, coarse-ground grits, and more. For brunch, tailgate parties, or whenever the craving strikes, we like shaking this mix with our favorite vodka (try it with Absolut Peppar for a kick), a couple of squeezed lime wedges, and pouring over fresh ice in a glass rimmed with Old Bay seasoning. Garnish with a blue cheese-stuffed Pickled Okra Charleston SC spear if you’re feeling adventurous!

  • carolina reaper chips

    Lowcountry Kettle Chips Carolina Reaper Chips

    Introducing the world's hottest chili pepper—on an extra crunchy chip. These Carolina Reaper Chips are ideal for spicy lovers. Complemented perfectly by a satisfying crunch, they'll make your mouth hurt the good way. Lowcountry Kettle Chips are made in Charleston.

  • Mustard BBQ Sauce Chips - The Local Palate Marketplace℠

    Lowcountry Kettle Chips Mustard BBQ Sauce Chips

    Looking for barbecue chips that are better than the rest? Consider your search over. Anything but ordinary, these crunchy, tasty kettle chips offer all the tangy flavor of South Carolina's signature mustard barbecue sauce. Made in Charleston by Lowcountry Kettle Chips.

  • Bourbon Barrel Foods Hot & Spicy Kentuckyaki™

    Bourbon Barrel Foods Bourbon Barrel Foods Hot & Spicy Kentuckyaki™

    Turn up the heat with Bourbon Barrel Foods Hot & Spicy Kentuckyaki. Like Bourbon Barrel Foods Kentuckyaki, this teriyaki sauce is made Kentucky style with extra spice. Incorporating a blend of fresh garlic, ginger, and all-natural Kentucky-grown sorghum, this yummy sauce has a balance of salty and sweet. Bourbon Barrel Foods then adds red pepper for a robust kick of spice. The flavor train doesn’t end there. The Hot & Spicy Kentuckyaki is aged in white oak barrels reclaimed straight from Kentucky’s finest bourbon distilleries as a smoking and aging agent. The long process is worth the wait for a sauce that’s packed with complex flavors of smoke, spice, and salty umami. Hot & Spicy Kentuckyaki is a great substitution to recipes where you’d otherwise use typical teriyaki sauce but want a bit of heat. Use it to marinate pork tenderloin that will make the meat melt in your mouth with the rich, fresh teriyaki flavor. Put a twist on meatloaf with a bourbon-flavored teriyaki glaze instead of a tomato-base sauce. Or, simply use it as a dipping sauce that will complete each bite. Hot & Spicy Kentuckyaki isn’t Bourbon Barrel Foods’ only product. Explore the Kentucky-based shop’s expansive collection of gourmet foods, such as the original Kentuckyaki or Bourbon Barrel Aged Worcestershire Sauce. All items display Kentucky’s proud history as the world-renowned bourbon country. Every item is made and packaged in Louisville. Sample some of the best bourbons the bluegrass state has to offer while you eat.

  • Food for the Southern Soul Yellow Tomato Golden Bloody Mary Mix

    Food for the Southern Soul Yellow Tomato Golden Bloody Mary Mix

     Food for the Southern Soul's seasonal bloody mary mix made with yellow tomatoes picked at the perfect time to create this delicious seasonal mix. 

  • Large Cheese Biscuit Tube

    Anne's Charleston Cheese Biscuits Large Cheese Biscuit Tube

    The large tube holds about 30 cheese biscuits. We recommend serving them within two weeks of receipt. Anne’s Charleston Cheese Biscuits freeze beautifully and will last several months in the freezer.  A southern staple at every Charleston soirée!

  • Woodster Tiki Bitters

    Woodster Bitters Woodster Tiki Bitters

    Transport yourself to the islands with Woodster's Tiki Bitters. Infused with primary flavors of cinnamon and allspice, accompanied by a supporting cast of enticing spices, these bitters are perfect for libations served in shrunken heads, volcanoes, and miniature ceramic Moai. Experience the true taste of the tropics!

  • Woodster Chocolate Mole Bitters

    Woodster Bitters Woodster Chocolate Mole Bitters

    Inspired by the rich Mole sauces of Mexico, Woodster's Chocolate Mole Bitters pairs beautifully with aged tequila, bourbon, and aged rum. Toasted cacao nibs infuse this blend with the essence of chocolate, complemented by hints of spice and oak. An essential addition to any well-stocked bar, these bitters elevate the flavor profile of your drinks, adding a touch of Mexican flair.

  • Medium Cheese Biscuit Tin

    Anne's Charleston Cheese Biscuits Medium Cheese Biscuit Tin

    The Medium Tin holds about 90 cheese biscuits. We recommend serving them within two weeks of receipt. Anne’s Charleston Cheese Biscuits freeze beautifully and will last several months in the freezer.  A southern staple at every Charleston soirée!

  • Small Cheese Biscuit Tube

    Anne's Charleston Cheese Biscuits Small Cheese Biscuit Tube

    The Mini tube holds about 15 cheese biscuits. We recommend serving them within two weeks of receipt. Anne’s Charleston Cheese Biscuits freeze beautifully and will last several months in the freezer.  A southern staple at every Charleston soirée! 

  • Woodster Orange Bitters

    Woodster Bitters Woodster Orange Bitters

    Unlock a world of complexity with Woodster's Orange Bitters, a fusion of tropical oranges and spices. Versatile and perfect for vodka, gin, whisky, and rum cocktails, these bitters also add depth of flavor to savory sauces, seafood, and chocolate. Elevate your mixology and culinary creations with this essential ingredient.

  • Lowcountry Kettle Chips Holy City Red Wine Vinegar and Sea Salt

    Lowcountry Kettle Chips Sea Salt and Red Wine Vinegar

    The newest flavor in Lowcountry Kettle Chips line! Made by Lowcountry Kettle Chips in Charleston.

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