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You don't need a juice cleanse or gym membership to begin living a little lighter, a little healthier. Simply incorporating a few easy practices into your daily routine and sourcing high quality, locally made ingredients can promote well-being and become an enduring part of your lifestyle. Whether you're sticking to New Year’s resolutions looking to combat the season of heavy comfort foods, these Southern-made wellness products from the Local Palate Marketplace make way for new and delicious healthy habits. 

  • 1 pound bag of Organic Dried Elderberries

    Sweet's Elderberry Sweet's Elderberry | Organic Dried Elderberries (1lb)

    One-pound bag of organic European elderberries, dried to perfection! Add incredible health benefits to baked goods, jams and jellies, and homemade wellness blends. Elderberries must be cooked. Re-sealable bag stands easily on a shelf and should be stored in a cool, dry place.


  • Sweet's Elderberry | Elderberry Shrub (16oz) - The Local Palate Marketplace℠

    Sweet's Elderberry Sweet's Elderberry | Elderberry Shrub (16oz)

    Sweet's Elderberry Shrub supports a healthy immune system and eases digestion.    This refreshing organic infusion of elderberry and apple cider vinegar is lightly sweetened with raw cane sugar and warmed with fresh North Carolina ginger.   Add a small amount to sparkling water or seltzer for a natural alternative to soda, use as a delicious cocktail/mocktail mixer, or get creative in the kitchen!   Sweet's Elderberry Shrub contains at least 1,440 milligrams of elderberry per tablespoon.  Refrigerate after opening.


  • Apis Mercantile 6oz Wildflower Honey

    Apis Mercantile Apis Southern Wildflower Honey

    Apis Mercantile's Southern Wildflower Honey reflects the flora found throughout the Lowcountry of Charleston, South Carolina. The color and flavor of honey are determined by the nectar sources the honeybees foraged to make it, and the honey will vary throughout the year depending on what's in bloom.  


  • Raspberry Sun Tea

    Oliver Pluff and Co Raspberry Sun Tea Tin

    Raspberry Sun Tea Tin comes with three 1-gallon tea bags (perfect for your pitcher!). Tea. Water. Pitcher. Sun. Done.   This is a bold and fruity black tea that's naturally sweet. While tea is hot, stir in a little cane sugar to complement rich flavors. Serve over ice.   Packaged by hand in Charleston.


  • Vegetable Soup - The Local Palate Marketplace℠

    Food for the Southern Soul Vegetable Soup

    Food for the Southern Soul's Vegetable Soup includes fresh summer corn, lima beans, diced tomatoes, and onions—all of which are picked at their peak ripeness and simmered with herbs and spices. Simply heat and serve, or add shrimp or chicken for a filling entree. Made in Charleston. Serves 4.

  • Pickled Pink Smokin Okra, Sweet Gourmet Pickles, Garlic Dill Pickles, Gourmet Jalapeno Pickles 4-Pack

    Pickled Pink Foods Pickled Pink Variety 4-Pack

    Includes one of each of the following:  Gourmet Jalapeño Pickles Sweet Gourmet Pickles Smokin' Okra Garlic Dill Pickles



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