Cool off with these Summer Sippers

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Raise a glass to the season of refreshing tonics and all day sippers. These mixologist-approved libations will keep you hydrated all summer long. 

1934 Cosmo 


2 ounces gin
½ ounce Liber & Co. raspberry gum syrup
½ ounce fresh lemon juice


Combine all ingredients in a shaker tin with ice. Shake vigorously until the tin is ice cold and the cocktail is well combined, at least 8-10 seconds. Strain into a chilled coupe or cocktail glass and garnish with an orange twist.

Maple Manhattan 


2 ounces Rye
½ ounce Dry Vermouth 
½ ounce Pappy Van Winkle Bourbon Barrel-Aged Pure Maple Syrup 
2 dashes of Bitters 
Large ice cubes for Old Fashioned glass
3 skewered Orasella cherries for garnish 


Add rye, vermouth, syrup, and bitters in a cocktail shaker. Shake vigorously, pour over a large cube of ice in an Old Fashioned or rocks glass. Add skewered cherries for garnish.

Spiritless Flamingo Floatie


1½ ounces Spiritless Kentucky 74
4 ounces Fever Tree Pink Grapefruit Soda
2 strawberries
2 basil sprigs


Remove top and cut strawberry into quarters. Remove leaves from a basil sprig and combine with strawberry quarters and Kentucky 74 in a mixing tin. Muddle and strain liquid into a highball glass. Add ice and Fever Tree Pink Grapefruit Soda. Garnish with additional strawberry and basil sprig.

Pass the Tea

Serves 15 to 20

Created by Reece Dodd of Helen, Birmingham, Alabama


2 cups Smith & Cross London Traditional Jamaican Rum
2 cups Plantation Isle of Fiji Rum
1 cup Citrus Oleo Saccharum
1 cup lime juice
1 cup brewed black tea (Oliver Pluff and Co. Tea recommended)
½ cup Lustau East India Solera Sherry
Garnish: citrus peels and cinnamon sticks


Mix all ingredients in punch bowl. Serve over ice in rock glasses. Garnish with citrus peels and cinnamon sticks.

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