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Southern Foods that are Actually Aphrodisiacs

  • , by Hannah Lee Leidy
It’s time to set the mood. Some may reach for classic tools, like candles, rose petals, or smooth jazz. We, on the other hand, prefer to keep delicious, regionally made foods and ingredients available when we dim the lights. When it comes to aphrodisiacs, these specialty syrups, chocolates, local oysters, and more from the Local Palate Marketplace are particularly seductive. 
Aphrodisiac foods on local palate marketplace, Tupelo Honey
There’s a reason Van Morrison wrote a song about this one. The highly coveted tupelo honey is produced by bees in Georgia and northwest Florida. Honey, a natural aphrodisiac, is the perfect topping to remind someone how sweet you are. Drizzle it over toast, cheese, or yogurt for a sugary dose.
Liber & Co. Caramelized fig, Aphrodisiac foods
Figs stand out as another aphrodisiac food that can be sourced from the South. Made in Austin, this fig syrup adds deep, dark fruit notes to cocktails or if simply mixed with seltzer.
Oysters xo, aphrodisiac foods
Oysters may be one of the most beloved aphrodisiac foods on the market. They feel extra special when they’re hand-picked from for their quality and seasonal peak. The Chef’s Choice Oysters from Oysters XO vary daily as chef Rifko Meier selects favorites from the East, West, and Gulf coasts. Try them to sample an array of oyster types. 
Warn Reserve Ginger Root Bitters
Warn Reserve Ginger Root Bitters 
Spicy, earthy ginger also helps turn up the heat. These bitters from Warn Reserve bring warmth to cocktail recipes, such as a ginger margarita or spiced bourbon and ginger. You could even keep it on hand to enhance the flavor of ginger ale or ginger beer-based drinks. Try them in  cocktail or add them to a simple syrup. 
Marie McGhee Bumble Bees, Aphrodisiac foods on the local palate marketplace
No discussion of aphrodisiacs would be complete without the mention of chocolate. We love the textural contrast found in these chewy confections from Nashville-based Colts Chocolate. Rich, salted caramel coats pecan pieces then gets dipped into chocolate. Shop for them by the bag, or, get a box to help spread the love. 


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