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A hot, hearty breakfast is a worthwhile weekend indulgence. Savor your slower-paced mornings by preparing a locally sourced Southern breakfast at home, complete with coffee, eggs, biscuits, and grits—all of which are available on the Local Palate Marketplace. Here are our recommendations for a stellar morning spread, from fluffy handmade biscuits to South Carolina-raised quail eggs.


Callie's Hot Little Biscuit: Buttermilk Biscuit Mix

Thanks to Callie’s Buttermilk Biscuit Mix, you’ll have hot little biscuits ready in no time: Just add buttermilk, cream cheese, and butter to the mix for a dozen tender, freshly baked biscuits.


Callie's Hot Little Biscuit: Country Ham Biscuits

If you’re not in the baking mood, order a 24-pack of Callie’s handmade biscuits, which arrive frozen and ready to pop in the oven. Each Country Ham Biscuit is loaded with finely chopped artisanal Virginia country ham and homemade Dijon mustard, engulfed in a warm, buttery biscuit. What could be better?

AR's Hot Southern Honey: Sampler (3-pack)

Add some sweet heat to your Southern breakfast by topping your biscuits with AR’s Hot Southern Honey. Can’t decide which hot honey is right for you? Try all three with this sampler, which comes with AR’s Hot-Hot Southern Honey, AR’s Hot-Mild Southern Honey, and AR’s Bourbon Barrel Aged Hot-Hot Honey. All of AR’s hot honeys are all-natural and made with clover honey, wildflower honey, and habaneros.


Bourbon Barrel Foods: Organic Aged Maple Syrup

Drizzle your biscuits (or waffles or pancakes) with Bourbon Barrel’s Aged Maple Syrup for a quick upgrade. The syrup is certified organic and is just as satisfying on breakfast foods as it is atop a big bowl of ice cream—or straight off the spoon.


Radio Roasters Coffee: Hi/Fi Blend

Radio Roasters Hi/Fi is a blend of washed, naturally processed Ethiopian and Colombian coffee. It has bright, refreshing notes of berry, along with a hint of cocoa. Based in Decatur, Georgia, Radio Roasters has been pursuing the art of great coffee since 2014 by sourcing high-quality coffee beans and roasting them to their fullest potential. Radio Roasters also has a decaf coffee option available to enjoy day or night.


Food for the Southern Soul: Stone Ground Yellow and White Grits (2-pack)

No Southern breakfast is complete without grits. This 2-pack comes with select white and yellow grits from Food for the Southern Soul, which are milled on an authentic millstone in Charleston, South Carolina. The specks of corn grain in these grits tell you they’re bonafide stone ground.


Manchester Farms: Quail Eggs & Scissors

For an uncommon addition to your Southern breakfast spread, serve quail eggs, which have a similar flavor to chicken eggs with a higher yolk-to-white ratio. Though they’re smaller than traditional eggs, quail eggs are nutrient-rich and offer a healthy dose of iron and potassium. Cracking their shells open is a cinch with the special scissors that come with your order.


Written by Daniela Johnson


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