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Meet the Maker: Martha Bourlakas of Storied Goods

Meet the Maker: Martha Bourlakas of Storied Goods

, by Amber Chase

Martha Bourlakas of Storied Goods

From snacking through picnics in her grandparents’ backyard to sipping experimental cocktails on the porch with her two great aunts, the Southern hospitality that surrounded Martha Bourlakas’ childhood will always serve as the inspiration behind Storied Goods.

Bourlakas is mother to three daughters, the oldest of whom has autism and ID. Her life prior to Storied Goods was dedicated to caretaking and she comments, “Any parent of a child with disabilities knows this work, as wonderful as it is, is all-encompassing and requires nonstop energy”. Having a child with disabilities taught Bourlakas learned a lot about inclusivity from her daughter. It gave her a new perspective on hospitality as she realized that the kitchen table is an equalizer where everyone feels worthy.

After her daughters were older, she began Storied Goods, a collection of flavor-infused sugar cubes that take Virginia hospitality to the next level. Customers adore the sugar cubes’ versatility and beauty and use them in everything from crepes to cocktails. The aesthetically pleasing tins designed by Watermark Design feature elements of the Virginia Blue Ridge mountains, paying homage to Bourlakas’ heritage

Storied Goods' sugar cubes lined up

Their Best of Virginia award-winning Rose Petal Sugar Cube, is perfect to add additional fizz to sparkling wine and gin. Fan-favorite Orange-Cherry Cubes are built for whiskey and tea, and their Cinnamon Vanilla Sugar Cubes seamlessly pair with coffee. They recently released Lemon Lavender Sugar Cubes, intended to be summer companions for gin cocktails, iced tea, and lemonades. 

Storied Goods is a woman -owned and -operated team, and Bourlakas remains dedicated to empowering women in small business. Of her staff, she muses, “Collectively they have taught me to keep going when it all feels scary; they all keep me laughing.” Bourlakas’ family is also thoroughly involved in Storied Goods’ success, helping with social media, recipe testing, and transportation of products.

As they continue to grow, even working toward international shipping, Bourlakas remains committed to her ethos to reflect neverending, authentic, and inclusive hospitality. “I never dreamed I would get to connect with as many people as I do in this business. Having meaningful relationships and sharing fascinating stories–with my team, our customers, other business owners, our collaborators-–is what makes it all worthwhile.”

Ways to Enjoy Storied Goods Sugar Cubes:

Champagne being poured into a glass with Storied Goods sugar cubes beside it

Rose Petal Champagne Cocktail

Put 1 Storied Goods Rose Petal Sugar Cube in a Champagne flute

Pour in your favorite dry sparkling wine 

The cube dissolves with the bubbles and the edible rose petals float on top!

Classic Old Fashioned 

Put 1 Storied Goods Orange-Cherry Sugar Cube in a whiskey glass

Add a few shakes of Angostura bitters to the Cube and muddle

Pour in your favorite bourbon

Add a large cube of ice and an orange twist or cherry

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