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Omni Coffee Flavored Syrups Lineup

Meet the Maker: Josh Norman, Omni Coffee

, by Amber Chase

“Surprisingly, I was not a coffee drinker prior to the launch of Omni Coffee,” says Josh Norman. While coffee is a source of culture, community, ceremony, and creativity across the globe, as markets have become oversaturated, the quality of the coffee-drinking experience has diminished. This reality sparked Norman’s curiosity. He found that most individuals refraining from coffee dislike the chalky taste, which is the result of over-roasted, low quality coffee beans. His idea for Omni Coffee was born.

Omni Coffee is dedicated to sourcing the world’s top 10 coffee beans and making them accessible to a wider audience. It began as an online retail hub in 2020 where Norman shared fine coffee beans and housemade syrups; he launched a brick-and-mortar store, Omni Coffee & Eggs in Atlanta, Georgia in 2021.

Omni Coffee Syrup Lineup

The retail line began with Ethiopian Yirgacheffe, a Grade 1 premium quality bean, paying homage to the very birthplace of coffee (Ethiopia). The coffee culture in Ethiopia is an anchor of inspiration to Omni Coffee—the traditional way of drinking coffee there is set up around a fire, roasting the coffee from a pot. This ceremonial nature translates into how Omni serves their beans, understanding the customer’s palate and preference and crafting an immersive experience rather than simply a beverage. Omni’s syrups are also renowned for their delicate and rich flavors that blend fluidly into beverages to transform them into desserts. 

Omni Coffee & Eggs offers a globally influenced experience with handcrafted provisions in the heart of Atlanta, Georgia. With housemade crepes, panini, biscuits, and signature beverages featuring Omni’s , the cafe boasts a well-curated menu with items like the Queens Chalice, a Tiramisu Cappuccino. Since the shop opened, there has been a request for more locations, but Norman remains committed to grounding the process in his flagship store for now.

Omni Coffee's Queens Chalice Coffee Syrup poured in a cup of coffee

Prior to founding Omni Coffee & Eggs, Norman attended undergrad at Coastal Carolina University concentrating in dramatic arts. While the pathway to business ownership may not have been immediately clear, Norman says, “my career path has allowed me the opportunity to be an entertainer in various industries.” What might have started him down the path to coffee, he recalls, was his grandfather who drank a cup of coffee daily. That simple, daily ritual left a big impression.

A born entrepreneur, Norman fuels those around him with the energy to make something incredible happen. His hopes for Omni Coffee are to further expand the experience by continuing to serve luxury coffee and fine foods—and remain committed to a high level of  quality.

As Omni has grown, so too has Norman’s team. “Ingenuity and opportunity are incubators when building a baby unicorn,” he says. This spring, they launched a line of K-cups, making their coffees more accessible and convenient to their customers.

As for being a southern maker, Norman says, “It’s an honor. It’s in our DNA to be able to establish something in a creative mind space that everyone can partake in.”

Look for these New Products from Omni Coffee

Flavor-infused Ethiopian Yirgacheffe coffee beans
These exclusive coffee beans infused are with two of their most popular signature syrups: Lord Omni (sweet potato) and the Countess Alexandria (blueberry lavender).

Omni Jams
Luxury jams made from the fruit compost used to make Omni signature syrups. Flavors will include Countess Alexandria (blueberry lavender) and the Lord of Castleberry (strawberry white chocolate).   

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