Meet the Maker: Jaclyn Glatzer of Aussie Select

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Owner of Aussie Select

Jaclyn Glatzer is a passionate food enthusiast who has dedicated her entire career to the culinary marketing industry. But if you asked her at 21 if she pictured such a career, she’d laugh and shake her head no. Glatzer’s career began with her a first job at NBC, where she had the opportunity to work as Bob Costas’ assistant during the 2000 Olympics in Sydney, Australia. Upon their conclusion and in pursuit of a career as a television news producer, she moved to Atlanta to work for CNN in 2021. However, those plans took a turn when she discovered that the program she was going to join had been put on hold. Determined to find a job that would challenge her intellect and utilize her talents, Glatzer ended up as an Account Coordinator at a marketing agency. It was there that she found herself working on the Kellogg's account, which firmly planted her in the world of food.

Over the course of 22 years, Glatzer climbed the ranks, becoming the Vice President of Client Services at the same marketing agency, Summit F&B. With her passion for food extending beyond just her day job, in 2016 she embarked on her first entrepreneurial venture. Alongside two partners, Glatzer started a conference for hotel chefs, aiming to provide education and career opportunities to those who had not previously had access to them. The conference was a success and continues to run to this day.

Tikki Masala Lamb from Aussie Select

Glatzer's experience as an entrepreneur ignited a fire within her, as she loved making a difference in the industry. So, when the opportunity to start a food manufacturing business presented itself, she dove in headfirst. In December 2019, she became one of the founders of the company World Select Cuts and launched the brand Aussie Select. Glatzer and her team set out to revolutionize the accessibility and affordability of lamb as a protein across the globe.

Aussie Select lamb

“The hypothesis was can we do for lamb what turkey deli meat did for turkey and make it more than just a special occasion or holiday protein?” said Glatzer. “We know that Americans love lamb. When mentioned, they light up and say, ‘I love lamb and I wish I could eat more of it.’ That’s what drove us to create a product that made lamb accessible and affordable, and the best way to do that is to put it into a slice to sandwich format.”

From this idea, the team created a line of fully cooked lamb products, including whole lamb roasts in a variety of flavors such as tikka masala and agave rosemary, along with whole lamb pastrami and lamb prime rib, as well as pre-sliced packs that are perfect for cheese boards, sandwiches, and even pizza and burgers. These products offer an alternative protein option for those looking for deli products other than beef, chicken, and pork, appealing to Muslim and Jewish populations, and lamb enthusiasts.

Aussie Select logo

The innovative and first-of-its-kind lamb products have received numerous awards and recognitions, including being named the Progressive Grocer Editor’s Pick and receiving the Prepared Foods Spirit of Innovation Award from Prepared Foods Magazine. Most recently, Aussie Select was judged superior in a triple blind taste evaluation by chefs chosen by American Masters of Taste, a nationwide network of professional chefs, executive chef level and research and development chefs—receiving a Gold Medal Taste Award.

Glatzer’s purpose is to bring the joy of lamb to people's everyday meals and expand its presence beyond special occasions, which she has succeeded in doing with Aussie Select. She is determined to continue innovating within the lamb industry and hopes to create more products that make lamb accessible and approachable to everyone.

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