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The Local Palate Magazine Fall 2021


Notice anything new around here? We hope so. In honor of the magazine’s ten-year anniversary, we decided it was time to shake things up. New look. New feel. New logo. But rest assured, you’ll still find the same Local Palate in these pages—we’re still, and always, committed to sharing the stories behind the people, places, and foodways that make up this diverse and dynamic culinary region.

Take your time exploring these pages and you’ll find a few new columns, as well as many of our tried-and-true favorites. Thanks to associate editor Lia Grabowski, we’re going deeper into our cocktail, book, travel, and sustainability coverage and we will always have plenty of recipes to share. As for the design, I give all the kudos to our insanely talented art director Angelique DeClercq. With an expert’s eye and keen attention to detail (not to mention an obsession for typefaces), she has modernized the Local Palate’s aesthetic while channeling the depth, engagement, and approachability that has long made this magazine sing. 

I’ve been reading the Local Palate for as long as it’s been in print—I picked up one of the first issues when I was visiting Charleston for a food writer’s conference in 2011. I remember that trip vividly because it was the first time my husband and I flew with our newborn son, Charlie, who also turns ten this year. 

Being the mom of one, and now the editor of one, here’s what I can tell you about ten-year-olds. They’re soundly on their own footing and have developed a confidence in who they are and what they want to put out into the world. They’re still rambunctious and fun-loving, but maybe a little more mature and hungrier for what life has to bring. They’re ready to tackle the world, but still love to mess around, especially in the kitchen. Oh, and they’re definitely on the verge of a growth spurt.  

This is a milestone issue for the magazine, one I’m grateful and proud to be a part of. We hope you enjoy the issue and that you’ll keep an eye out for more to come. From our Local Palate Marketplace to our Instagram Live series #TLPBehindTheScenes, to our multiple newsletters, there’s so much more of TLP to get to know, and only good things to come. We hope you join us for the ride—because as everyone on our team is learning, ten is such a fun age. 

-Erin Byers Murray
  Editor in Chief 

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