Colts Chocolate

Southern Chess Pie

A true Southern tradition made with unique ingredients, Colts Chocolates has developed a special baking technique for the buttery, caramelized crust to take this authentic and time honored pie to the next level. Chess pie dates back to colonial America and is said to have originated in Virginia. However, Colts has made this Southern Chess Pie all its own and fresh from Nashville, Tennessee.

The pie is homemade but delivered frozen and only a couple of hours away from consumption. After it is thawed it can be served to guests or enjoyed personally. It is great to have on hand for birthdays, Thanksgiving, Christmas, dinner parties, and other special occasions that call for some Southern sweetness. Skip the labrous homemade crust and bring the Southern Chess Pie combine with White Chocolate Pecan Pie as a hostess gift that is sure to impress.

About Colts Chocolate

Colts Chocolate Company is a high end, crafted-by-hand chocolatier based in Nashville, Tennessee. It was in 1984 that Mackenzie Colt founded Colts Chocolate Company in her hometown of music city. As the original owner, Mackenzie Colt put her hands and heart into the making of delicious chocolates and other desserts. The sweet treats that she cooked up in her own kitchen soon became famous and were ordered by friends, family, and, eventually, customers. Ever since going public, the Colts have provided the highest quality of one-of-a-kind, gourmet chocolates and numerous other quality crafted treats to those with a strong sweet tooth. There are few chocolate producers that have as much craft, sweetness, and soul as Colts.

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