Colts Chocolate

Old Fashioned Fudge Pie


Fudgy, delicious, and waiting to be dusted with powdered sugar. That’s Colts Chocolate’s Old Fashioned Fudge Pie. It is pure chocolate melted, mixed, and poured into a flaky crust that makes for the ideal pie. Leave frozen until shortly before use and sit it out to thaw and serve.

The pie is perfect to serve at any occasion or to show up with as a contribution to the dessert table or a host gift. Colts Chocolate Old Fashioned Fudge Pie is a great gift for others but also is the best way to treat yourself. No one is going to believe that it isn’t homemade because it is.

Serve it at room temp or, as we suggest, heat it lightly in the stove or microwave and top with a generous scoop of vanilla ice cream. Colts Chocolate’s array of treats are all handmade right here in the South in Nashville, Tennessee, and this pie is no different. This will be great companion for Rocky Road Brownie. The sweetness of both of them will melted your mouth.

It was all the way back in 1984 that Mackenzie Colt founded Colts Chocolate Company in her hometown of Nashville, Tennessee. As the original owner, Mackenzie Colt put her heart and hands into the development of delicious chocolates and other desserts.

The sweet treats that she made in her own kitchen soon became famous and were ordered by friends, family, and, eventually, customers. Ever since going public, the Colts have provided the highest quality of one-of-a-kind, gourmet chocolates and other quality crafted treats to those with a strong sweet tooth.

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