Hubs Peanuts

Hubs Honey Kissed Virginia Peanuts


This 20-ounce vacuum-sealed tin of Hubs Honey Kissed Virginia Peanuts is created locally, from the Hubbard farms in Virginia. This new product from Hubs has the perfect mix between sweet and salty. The extra-large Virginia peanuts are coated in honey before they go in the oven, rather than after, so they absorb that honey taste, and so they don’t get sticky from the honey. If you are looking for a combination of sweet and hot, then Hubs Sweet Heat is the right choice.

The honey coating is light and smooth, so you still get that amazing, salty taste from the peanut, but also get a hint of the sweet honey. These Hubs Honey Kissed Virginia Peanuts are the perfect snack for any occasion. Whether you’re watching sports or going on a hike, you’ll want to bring these sweet and savory peanuts. These peanuts are also a great topping for any ice cream! Just sprinkle a few peanuts to add a sweet crunch to your favorite flavor.

Hubs Peanuts was created by Dot and HJ Hubbard in 1954 after Dot wanted extra spending money to help cover family expenses. Her father already owned a peanut farm, and she recalled a family recipe for delicious, salty peanuts from when she was younger. Dot developed so many different and unique ways to cook the peanuts, that all became standard practice for peanut companies today.

The brand and the family behind Hubs Peanuts grew exponentially, creating the demand for more farmers as they treat attracted more customers. Now, over 65 years later, Hubs Peanuts is still doing the same thing, the exact time-tested way, and has the same delicious taste in every peanut. One of their favorites is Hubs Peanut Brittle because it is a perfect gift or sweet snack during the winter months

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