• Each GrillKilt purchase comes with a grommeted hand towel and 2 carabiners for clipping accessories to the heavy-duty waist belt.

These GRILLKILTS, made in Charleston, are a must for summer cookouts and make for the perfect gift for any meat lover. They aren’t your typical apron or kilt. These are premium, evolved grilling aprons that function like quality outdoor gear.

More comfortable than shorts and more functional and stylish than any apron you can find, GRILLKILTS come with ten sizeable pockets to keep your grilling tools accessible without the need to walk back and forth from the kitchen to the grill. An attachable towel helps keep your tools clean.

The kilt's adjustable strap makes it one size fits all. Its fabric is durable, breathable, and washable, and it also comes in 12 distinct and rustic colors.


Yates Dew, the founder of GRILLKILT, came up with the idea as his solution to minimizing trips back to the kitchen for grilling tools, sauces, or just another beer. When friends heard about the grilling apron he was designing for himself, they needed in on the party. He created the GRILLKILT to help grilling enthusiasts like him all over the country.

A percentage of profits to organizations that promote kindness and sustainability for mankind, animals, and Mother Earth.

Black: a smooth black that isn’t too matte or shiny. It’s the perfect amount of color that will catch your eye but not be too flashy.

Olive Green: a rustic green that will make you blend into your yard. It adds enough color to notice, but nothing crazy enough to distract from the art of grilling. You can even put a snack like Griff's Coffee Toffee on it.

Slate: a cool grey color that fits with any outfit. Outlined with black to make the grey pop, this slate GRILLKILT is the deep, mellow style everyone needs.

GrillKilt typically ships your order same-day for orders received before 1 pm EST.  At most, expect your order to ship 2 business days after placing the order. Shipping times are dictated by the carrier selected at checkout.

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