Food for the Southern Soul

Creole Gumbo


The flavorful, spiced Creole roots of Gumbo go beyond any particular recipe—they touch on the very history of the Louisiana-born stew. Its name derives from the west African word for okra, and the roux comes from French culinary techniques. It was served during the 1803 gubernatorial reception in New Orleans and has grown in popularity and variations across the South over the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Chefs and home cooks throughout the region have long perfected recipes they covet. A batch made from scratch can take hours to prepare, but if you want instant satisfaction, this Creole Gumbo from Food for the Southern Soul offers a fast route to the Bayou.

The tomato-based stew pulls warmth from bell peppers and texture from okra, and it does the heavy lifting when it comes to getting dinner on the table. Simply add a few shrimp to the soup when you’re about to take it off the heat and then serve over rice. But if you want some sweetness forward but still rooted in heat, the Slow Burn Peach Grilling Sauce and BlackJack Barbecue is an excellent, versatile addition for everyday cooking.

Why Food for the Southern Soul Gumbo?

Made by Food for the Southern Soul, this Creole Gumbo is just one of many pantry meals, snacks, and ingredients that celebrate the South’s diverse and storied cooking traditions. Products, such as Charleston Gold rice to cheese straws and coarse-ground grits, bring flavors from the Gulf, Lowcountry, Chesapeake, Piedmont, Appalachia, and everywhere in between to tables around the country. Keep this base for Creole Gumbo on hand for whenever a craving strikes (tonight, perhaps?), or use it as a base for other soups or stews, such as bouillabaisse.

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