Food for the Southern Soul

82 Queen She-Crab Soup Mix


As one of Charleston's best restaurants, 82 Queen is famous for its flavorful and authentic Lowcountry fare. She Crab Soup, a Charleston favorite, is just one of the restaurant’s famed dishes. Beloved for its richness and creamy texture (similar to that of a bisque), this soup satisfies any time of year. It’s no wonder, then, that it’s one of the must-try dishes for people visiting Charleston.

Can’t make the trip? Good news. You don’t have to travel to the Holy City to try this traditional Southern dish. Instead, whip up 82 Queen's award-winning She-Crab Soup right at home with this easy-to-make She-Crab Soup mix! You'll just need to add a few fresh ingredients to the mix.

This She Crab Soup mix also makes an excellent gift for anyone who’s missing the Lowcountry. You can easily send a local taste of the South to a loved one—or simply order it to enjoy yourself. It’ll ship directly from Charleston!

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