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Recipe: Not Your Grandma's Apple Pie

  • , by Francesco Greco
It's apple season! Cooling temperatures bring a return of fall fruit, and subsequently, the milieu of ways to use it. Apples serve a purpose well beyond snacking and baking. Try a fall-themed cocktail to use up that jar of apple butter that you impulsively bought at the farmers market. This apple cocktail uses smoky tequila and nutty vermouth to add dimension to the jam. 
Cocktail Cup While you could serve it in a rocks glass, sipping it from a mug channels gives it an extra-cozy autumn vibe. Dirty South Pottery offers a collection of Southern-made artisanal drinkware, including a ceramic cocktail glass and this cheeky "coffee" cup.
Not Your Grandma's Apple Pie
From Alex Delgado and Anna McElroy | Knife & Spoon, Ritz-Carlton, Orlando
Not Your Grandma's Apple Pie

1½ cups apple butter

3 cups reposado tequila

3 cups sherry based vermouth

Garnish: red delicious apple sliced into fans and nutmeg


Mix all, chill, and serve over ice with fanned red delicious apple and grated nutmeg.
TLP recommends serving in a mug for an unapologetically fall-feeling.

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