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A woman holds a glass of red wine

Our Fall 2023 Issue Is Here!

, by Amber Chase

The Local Palate Fall Issue 2023 Cover

We're excited to announce our Fall 2023 Issue hits the stands today!

Here in the Southeast, which has both its own burgeoning wine regions and a growing wine culture thanks to focused restaurants and wine shops, women from all backgrounds are now driving the conversation around wine. In our Fall 2023 issue, we asked them to share their expertise on all things wine, from how it’s grown to how it’s served and how to order, shop, and taste like a pro. Whether you need a primer on natural wines or a quick glimpse of what makes Texas wines so special, you’ll find answers and inspiration in “Drink Like a Girl”.

Girl power permeates our issue, in fact. In “From Marsh to Menu,” you’ll get to know Ana Shellem, a sea forager supplying to some of eastern North Carolina’s best restaurants. We talk to Atlanta-based pop-up star Seung Hee Lee who offers more wine recommendations—this time natural pairings—to go alongside her Korean menu. And our cover topic, soups and stews, came to us from recipe developer and food stylist Ali Ramee.

We’re here for all of it, and we’re also happy to invite men to the table, including chef Katsuji Tanabe of Raleigh, North Carolina, who shares the story of his roots, and writer Stinson Carter, a long-time bartender-turned-writer, who takes us on a tour of Bermuda to better understand his favorite beverage. It’s an issue brimming with great stories to carry you out of the summer and straight into fall—glass of wine in hand.

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