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Haand ceramic plate with a colorful salad on a dark marble counter

New Vendor Alert: Blanc Creatives and Haand

, by Isabelle Adler

The Local Palate Marketplace is excited to partner with two new vendors, Blanc Creatives and Haand. These small Southern businesses, based out of Virginia and North Carolina, respectively, share a common work ethos that focuses quality products, a sense of community, and bringing more beauty into the kitchen.

Four Blanc Creative pans

Blanc Creatives

Founded in 2011, by Corry Blanc in Charlottesville, VA, Blanc Creatives has a passion for providing their loyal customers with high-quality, beautiful, and hand-made carbon steel cookware. It’s been said that the kitchen is the heart of the home, so fortify your culinary home base with these long-lasting and expertly-crafted pots and pans.

Each piece of the Blanc Creatives Pro Cookware line begins with a spun 11 gauge carbon steel base, sourced from a 100-year-old factory in Philadelphia which is then crafted and assembled into the final product in-house.

Created by artists, designers, and chefs, the blend of culinary expertise and artistic inspiration creates something undeniably durable and gorgeously constructed. Blanc Creatives is dedicated to supplying a sense of community through the creation of superior, hand-crafted kitchenware that can last for generations to come.

Haand ceramics on a wooden table


Started by two artistic buddies from high school in 1999, Haand has established itself as a beacon of beauty in the ceramics market. Founders, Mark and Chris, state, "When we started Haand, we knew that it was going to be an unusual company." 

Mark was first introduced to ceramics and slip casting during a class taught by Tom Spleth when he attended the Penland School of Crafts on a two-year fellowship after college. Meanwhile, Chris carried his interest in pottery over from high school and maintained a passion for the craft even while working a corporate job. Eventually, they both decided to take the plunge and begin Haand.  They had a slow and difficult start, but remaining dedicated to their craft, they persevered. They now operate out of a small warehouse in Burlington, North Carolina.

Each of their vessels are formed by human hands to be unique and long-lasting staples for the kitchen.  

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