An Ideal Day from Marketplace Moms

  • , by Hannah Lee Leidy
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Mother’s Day marks the calendar with a date to celebrate everything the moms in our lives do, and, more importantly, roll out the red carpet treatment.

For the full-time moms who also run a business, lead a team, and dedicate each day to hitting entrepreneurial goals, Mother’s Day is a chance to savor well-deserved Me Time and enjoy a little pampering. We reached out to the moms who partner with the Local Palate Marketplace to learn about their ideal Mother’s Day. Here’s how they’re dreaming of spending it (husbands and children—take note!)

Griff’s Toffee | Christy Graves 

I have three young boys (two, four, and six-years old) so my ideal Mother’s Day would be spent in calm, quiet solitude! Maybe a spa day? Maybe curled up reading a book with a cup of coffee? Dinner would be with my husband at the fanciest, least kid-friendly restaurant in town. No cooking, no cleaning and no picky eaters!

No matter how I spend my ideal Mother’s Day, I hope it would end with all my boys piled up in my bed, with their wiggly snuggles and loud laughter.

Pappy & Co. | Carrie Greer

My ideal day would be waking up to the sun rising and the birds chirping. Having a low key morning with my husband and boys, then going for a mountain bike ride or hike with some girlfriends followed by lunch. That afternoon we’d go fishing or do something outside with the boys before having a few families over to enjoy an early dinner on the patio, a healthyish dinner cooked by the dads with Aperol spritzes and margs!

The sister founders behind Pappy & Co.: Louise, Carrie, and Chenault, each holding a glass of fine bourbon

Pappy & Co. | Louise Breen

My ideal Mother's Day would be to sleep in until about 8 am and, upon waking, have all of my little people snuggle in bed with me for a while. They will probably have an elaborate breakfast in bed planned with eggs and toast. Then, they'll scatter and I'll watch some CBS Sunday morning. 

After I get out of bed, I'll take a run. For lunch or an early dinner, we would go over to my parents house and celebrate with my mom and hang out on the back patio while the kids played. 

I won't have done any laundry or dishes and am spared from the bedtime routine and duties. Instead of tucking everybody else in, they'll tuck me in in my bed as they march upstairs with their dad. 

Jill Santa-Lucia and Ella of Ella's Popcorn posed over a marina with boats in the background

Ella's Popcorn | Jill Santa-Lucia

My perfect Mother’s Day would be to spend the day with my girls, my mom and my sister and nieces. It would start out at spa for massage and facials, followed by brunch at one of my favorite restaurants, Humble Pie.

A walk or hike at Umstead Park, a good movie with Ella’s popcorn either the “The Help”, “The Waitress” or "Silver Linings Playbook" and a simple dinner. Having everyone present and not on their phones would be the real gift: quality time together as we don’t often have that.

Sweet’s Elderberry | Stephanie Rickenbacker

My perfect Mother's Day involves sleeping in...a rare event! I'd love to wake up to breakfast in bed, made by the kids. They usually bring me fruit salad, a Trader Joe's cinnamon roll (the kids call these "sugar rollups") or cinnamon sugar toast ("fancy bread")—served up on a tray with a sweet flower. 

Stephanie Rickenbacker cooking with her daughter

Afterward, I'm looking forward to getting outside with the family. May is perfect weather for hiking trails at Crowder's Mountain or the US Whitewater Center, followed by a simple picnic! 


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